Best mileage programmer for getting start due to covid19

I read a thread and one friend said “I’m out of job (laid off due to covid19 issues) and trying to get back on my feet. I’m bit handy with software and wiring etc, done enough sound systems and decks in my time. I’m trying to find my way in to millage correction etc. I have a lot of mates who are saying to go down this route and was looking to best way to get started.”

Then I continued reading and found an increasing number of kind people shared their experience. I conclude the mileage programmers they advised are expensive ones and cheap ones.

Part 1. expensive mileage programmers first.

@ ascrap2003 review:

I have over $30,000 invested and can do most US/Japanese euro is another story as is yearly updates expect to pay $5000-$10,000 a year updates.

Main tools are Smelecom DSP3, Diag Prog 4, Jprog, Enigma all of which with an up to date full OBD & EEprom package will run $6500-$13,000 each.

Dont forget a good scanner Autel 906 or better will do and a laptop with windows 7

@svallecilla review

What part are you from, what vehicles would you like to work on, the orientation depends a lot.
For now with Upa or Upa S (original) you could get a board in junk shops or with your own car, have Cautin 25w
tin, and upload the query to guide you. there are courses and you are practicing how to disarm, work with memories, etc. If you want to learn mileage.

Part 2. Cheap mileage programmers which can do the most cars via OBD

@ ilDandi review

Buy Obdstar X300M and Digiprog3 and you will cover a lot of cars.

X300M support mqb dash vw and audi.

@ autodiagdoctor review

Dashcoder is one of the best options but you should specify your budget. What cars do you expect to be working on? Upa is also very useful.

@ galaxy0634 review

For good beginning u need digiprog 3.

@ jomberykaso

You will need an eeprom programmer, pdf manuals, mileage calculator software and Brain.exe

I do a better job with 300 usd.

Someone feedback: 80% I agree with you, but what about cars with protected processor without external eeprom? VW Audi Mercedes you can’t cover with eeprom programmer and brain.exe most Japanese French or Italian cars yes. That’s right. ( only the latest need also more equipment )

@ evss

please ………….if you are considering this check out local competition. and prices , I cant see you making much of a living to start with , most of the easy obd dashwork is beer money now with cheap Chinese kits so 20 to thirty pounds if you can get the work.


@ danngrigore

Best tool to start with is OBDSTAR X300 DP Pad 2 package C and Iprog+. Those two will cover 50-60% of the cars on the market. Good luck!

For more cheap mileage programmers like Yanhua digimaster 3, advise you browse