New MPPS V18 Auto Detect ECU Read Write ECU No Need BDM Programmer

Pay attention mates! MPPS V18 now is available to get! With latest software V18.12.3.8 only $99.99 free shipping! Here is all information you need, include MPPS V18 supported car list and some user feedbacks for you reference.


Part1. MPPS V18 MAIN + TRICORE + MULTIBOOT with Breakout Tricore Cable Basic Information All Here:

mpps-v18-main-tricore-multiboot-with-breakout-tricore-cable-1 mpps-v18-main-tricore-multiboot-with-breakout-tricore-cable-2 mpps-v18-main-tricore-multiboot-with-breakout-tricore-cable-3


MPPS V18 supported car list:!E1R3gbSL!SUCKeib1fhhuJOxrdQtWBU7H8FX7M4O3XXR4fJQUVpM


Part2. What’s NEW about MPPS V18 ECU Chip Tuning?

  1. Add support for advanced functions on Magneti Marelli ECU. Cover a range of controllers including M3.8, M5.9, ME7xx, MED9, MED17, EDC15/16/17, Delphi, Siemens (VAG Simos PCR/ Simos 8 unlocking), Bosch (up to TP12, MEDC17 Checksum Correction), Marelli, Delco, Sagem, Trionic…
  2. Read / Write of Micro, Flash and EEPROM without using a BDM programmer:

Full Read / Write Micro, Flash and EEPROM over K-line and CAN:

Opel 6O2, Opel 6O3, Fiat 6F3

Full Read / Write Micro and EEPROM over K-line:

Fiat 6JF, Fiat 8DF, Opel 6JO

Full Read / Write Micro and EEPROM over K-line and CAN:

Fiat 8F2, Fiat 8F3

Full Read / Write Micro and EEPROM over CAN:

Fiat 8GM, Fiat 8GS

Full Read / Write Flash and EEPROM over CAN:

Fiat 5SF3, Fiat 5SF9

Full Read / Write EEPROM over K-Line:

Fiat 5SF3

Full Read / Write Flash and EEPROM over K-line and CAN:

Fiat 5SF8

Full Read / Write Micro over CAN:

Fiat ME7.9.10, Fiat ME7.6.3

  1. Add boot mode support for controllers with the Tricore processor.
  2. Auto detects ECU and processor type. No need to select from list.
  3. Patch function for OBD Flashing of TPROT ECU’s (supports only VAG)
  4. Read/Write of all memories EEPROM, IROM, XROM (where possible)


Part3. Users Feedbacks on MPPS V18 chip tuning interface

I bought this tool MPPS V18 recently. I have tested on 6F3. Read/Write all Micro, flash and EEPROM via OBD. Very fast and stable too!


I just got my MPPS V18 interface, it works perfect. I have just managed to read via OBD with multiboot function a Bosch ME7.9.10 from Fiat Punto T-JET 1.4 turbo. For me this tool is the only one that can read from OBD this ECU!


Trying to read the ECU EDC17C46 in my 2011 VW Scirocco with MPPS V18 using the Tricore cable. Open the ECU and use resistors to read in Tricore Boot Mode. Finally success!