Launch CR3001 vs. Autel AL319 vs Autel AL519

Here UOBD2 make a comparison table between Launch Cr3001,Autel AL319 and Autel AL519.Hope this comparison can help to get deep understand of their difference.


Product Name Launch CR3001 Autel AL319 Autel AL519
Picture  Launch CR3001-1  Autel AL319  Autel AL519
Price  $24.99  $39.99 $60.99
Global OBD II
Manufacturer Specific DTCs
I/M Readiness Status
Data Stream
Data Graphing
Multillanguages Support 7 Language Support 3 Language 3 basic (buy extra)
On-Screen DTC Definitions
Built-in DTC Lookup
DTC Cause/Tips
Advanced Mode 6 10 Test Modes
Freeze frame data
O2 Sensor Test
EVAP System Test