Best Scan Tool for Automotive Shop or Home Use

As an automobile repair professional you would definitely be dealing with different types of vehicles on daily basis. There might be times that you’ll end up making the wrong decision simply because you were unable to accurately identify a car’s problem. This could be embarrassing and costly. That being said, you need not just a diagnostic scanner but the best scan tool for mechanics either the at ‘home’ or garage professional.


If you’re curious to know among numerous engine scanners in the market today claiming to be the best scan tool for professional auto mechanics. After all, you deserve nothing less than the best.


In this article we have done the hard work for you even gone the extra mile of undertaken the additional hassle of conducting research on this. All you have to do is keep reading below. After going through this whole report, you will be able to understand more of what you should look out for in an automotive diagnostic scanner specifically produced for automobile mechanics like you.


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Autel maxisys elite

X431 PRO3

Autel Maxisys Pro MS908

Autel MaxiDiag MD808

Autel AL519


Launch Creader 6001

Autel Maxisys Elite

Autel maxisys elite diagnostic (Upgraded Version of MS908P Pro) with Wifi Bluetooth Full OBD2 Automotive Scanner with J2534 ECU Programming Extensive Vehicle Coverage tool

1) The most important and attractive features

With accurate analysis, diagnosis and repairs, Autel maxisys elite diagnostic scan tool has been verified to be ideal both for first-timers and professional mechanics. This is because the code scanner is well able to handle first-hand troubleshooting of code errors and bugs.

The one-stop multitasking is used for ideal management of workshop operations. This means that you can keep all your customer information, data files, and vehicle records well-organized. When you come to think about it, it would indeed easy your life vastly since all your pertinent information would be stored in one place. simply put, whenever you would need something, you would know where to retrieve it from.

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The exceptional OE-level functionality can provide you with advanced ECU programming and coding. The automatic automotive OBD2 scanner also tends to come with scanner system and software updates. You would never find yourself to be alone because of the real-time push message notifications and instant remote control tech support via the internet anytime,.

The interactive data logging sessions would also allow you to get in touch with Autel directly. This just continue show how far ahead Autel had thought of when designing Maxisys elite diagnostic scan tool. No matter what kind of rut or unfamiliar situation you might land yourself in, you would easily be able to navigate your way out of it.


Another amazing feature of the Autel Maxisys Elite seem to be its wide vehicle coverage: 80 domestic, US, and European makes and models, this has been termed to be the most extensive diagnostic scanner code reader that you allows you to lay your hands on. Lastly, the scan tool has also been rubberized in the case of outer protection and a rugged internal housing.

As you could easily guess, this will be like the perfect combination for a diagnostic scan tool as you would be able to get the best of both worlds.


2) Autel maxisys elite Review

According to one user who has been a master technician for the last 30 years, he has definitely been using a wide array of diagnostic scan tools. In his opinion, he has found this one to be hands down the most universal scanner that he has used till date.

He has never problem with the Bluetooth connection. The programs tend to key perfectly, the live data seems to be processed extremely fast, and the bi-directional controls tends to work flawlessly. All in all, Autel maxisys elite would hands down be the best scan tool that you would be able to find in the market today.

Launch X431 PRO3

1) X431 PRO3 features

The Launch X431 is termed to have Android 5.1 which would also be dubbed as the most utilized UTI, there would be very few things that you would not like about this diagnostic scan tool. This is because thanks to the Android interface, you would be offered an interface that would not only be quite easy to use but would also provide powerful functions, vehicle diagnosis and quick auto scanning.

Besides, the user would also be quite easy to learn the touch screen. The Launch X431 would also boast of the best hardware. This would be because it tends to have a larger storage capacity, higher hardware configuration, faster processor, latest display technology, and a bigger battery. This means that you would be able to use x431 for an extended period of time without having to worry about the battery dying out.

By connecting the Bluetooth OBDII connector module, you are allowed to enjoy wireless convenience with any vehicle. Besides, since you would not be required to be wired with the vehicle, you would be able to use X431 PRO3 diagnostic scan tool to repair, run scanning and diagnostic tests while doing other maintenance tasks at the workbench or even while being under the hood.

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2) X431 PRO3 Reviews:

So while you have found yourself to be accustomed with all the features that the Launch X431 has to provide, it would now be time to talk about what people have to say about it. The general consensus is that this would indeed be a powerful product and there is no doubt that you would be able to get bang for your buck.

However, the key to using this X431 PRO3 tablet would be the registration and setup. Since the pre-installed car model data would be quite limited, it would be better to get registration done so that you would be able to download all the latest data updates.

For the registration, you would find it to be old school and something which you would easily be able to do. One thing that you would have to remember is that registration would not be complete unless you email the company with the serial number.

All that being said, X431 PRO3 tablet will never let you down for its performance and price-wise. Since it tends to live up to all its practices, even the minor hitches would not be bugging you. Moreover, with a life expectancy of five years, you would definitely be lucking out.


Autel Maxisys Pro MS908

Target users:

Autel Maxisys MS908P is not for your average car owner and is more suited to car enthusiasts, mechanics and technicians.

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Extensive Coverage:

The Autel Maxisys Pro MS908 is capable to diagnose cars of manufacturers from America, Europe and India, which is a large majority of the cars available. For the different connectors, the MS908 comes with a range of adapters and wires to cater for the differences.


As for the technical specification, Autel have gone all out with the processing power. It has A9 Quad Core 1.40GHz processor and uses an Android operating system so that it is familiar and easy to use.

Other technical features include built in WiFi, 5MP camera, flashlight, 8 hour battery life, 32GB SSD hard drive and a 9.7 inch LED touch screen, which is highly responsive and hardened to withstand knocks and bangs.



Read and Clear Error Codes

Live Data Streaming and Actuation Tests

Adaptation and ECU Coding

Configure Display Options and Set Triggers

Record and Playback of Problematic Sensor Outputs

Reset All Service Lights

Print Out Reports and Graphs

Freeze Frame Data

Update Car Firmware to Latest Version

Flash Programming

and much more that is too much to list

As this MS908 OBD2 scanner will be used mainly in garages and workshops, the unit has padding all round to protect it from any impacts. Everything about this error code reader is high quality and well thought out.

The Autel Maxisys Pro MS908 is the ultimate diagnostic scanner tool and can be made even better with add-on features such as oscilloscope, J2534 reprogramming module and more. There are 4 versions of the Autel Maxisys Pro, which include the DS808, MS906, MS908 and MS908P but the Autel Maxisys Pro MS908 is the best buy.

Overall, the MS908 by Autel is the best OBD2 professional diagnostic tool you can buy and it literally does everything you could ever want.  There is no other competitor that comes close to the amount of technology and features of this diagnostic reader.


Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Diagnostic Scanner Tool

Autel have an error code reader to suit every car owners budget and the MD808 is their mid range and latest diagnostic tool. It has been given a more modern design compared with the budget Autel AL519, which looks much better.

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As with the majority of Autel products, you receive a 1 year limited warranty and free updates for life. The screen is a full color 800×480 display and you use the buttons below the screen to navigate around the operating system.

If you are servicing your car and want a diagnostic tool to clear service lights, the MD808 includes this feature and more, such as:

Read and Remove Car Fault Codes

Oil Light Reset

EPB and SAS Calibration

DPF Regeneration

Battery Management System


Live Data Graphing

The Autel MD808 is a top OBD2 diagnostic scanner for the money and the technical specification is just as good with a 6 second startup time of the device.


Autel AL519 AutoLink Error Code Scanner

The Autel AL519 is a budget OBD2 scanner tool that offers a lot of features at a very little cost. It uses one lead to connect from the OBD2 port to the diagnostic tool and you are up and running. Using this cheap diagnostic tool, you can do the following:

Read and Clear Stored Faults

Turn Off Engine Management Light

Display Freeze Frame Data

Show Vehicle Data and VIN

Help Guides For Errors

Graphs and Live Data Feedback

Print Data

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Considering the Autel AL519 Scanner is a cheap OBD2 diagnostic tool, the features are surplus requirements if you are looking for just error code analysis. Unlike many of the other cheap alternatives, this device has a color display and a 1 year warranty.

Autel state that this error code reader will work on all domestic cars with OBD2 and will retrieve both generic and manufacturer specific error codes. The majority of people will be using this device to remove Check Engine Lights (EML), which Autel claim this device will easily accomplish.

This is the cheapest OBD2 scanner that performs all of the basics and more without any hassle. The average car owner will easily be able to use this error code reader with its intuitive button layout and clear instruction on the color display.


FOXWELL NT301 Car OBD2 Code Scanner

The Foxwell NT301 OBD2 is slightly more than the Autel AL519 but still falls within the budget category. For average car owners wanting a simple to use error code reader to remove error codes, this is perfect.

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The color screen is 2.8 inches wide and the device itself comes with 1 years warranty for peace of mind. Features that are included from this OBD2 diagnostic tool include:

Read and Remove Error Codes

Live Vehicle Sensor Data

Turn Off Engine Management Light

Freeze Frame Data

As with the majority of budget OBD2 scan tools, there main objective is to read and clear error codes. For more functionality, you would need to move into the mid range to premium devices.

Overall the Foxwell NT301 OBD2 is a compact OBD2 tool that runs fast on a windows operating system and comes with a years warranty. For reading and removing error codes, this fault code scanner will do exactly that.


Launch Creader 6001 OBD2 Scanner

Like Autel, Launch produce OBD2 scanner tools for every budget and the Creader 6001 is their cheapest diagnostic they produce. It has 7 buttons and 2.8 inch TFT LCD screen and is very simple to use in order to carry out simple functions.

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The functionality of the Launch Creader 6001 include:

View and Remove Car Fault Codes

Freeze Frame Data

O2 Sensor

I/M Readiness Checks

Personally, the Autel and Foxwell devices are slightly better in terms of value for money and features. Launch are known for their high-end OBD2 scanners but in terms of budget, they are pricey for very little features.


Hence, these would be all that there is to say regarding the best scan tool for mechanics. As you would be able to understand by now, all of them seem to have some minor flaws here and there. But once you overlook all those, you would be able to see that these would indeed be successful in giving you optimum performance and value for your money. That being said, it should not be that difficult to shell out this amount if you would be getting something so good.