VVDI 2 add key on BMW E88 without success, can winkfp or Autel Maxisys pro works

This post starts with a problem that BMW 1 series E88 add spare key by VVDI2, but not work…unfortunately, BDM not backup.

So any of winkfp or Autel Maxisys pro 908 is recommended to use, how to do, please go on reading post.



Hoping someone can help…

I have a BMW 1 series E88 came in for spare key. I followed normal procedure with VVDI to add key. It has CAS3++ ISTAP so I flashed the CAS using the software. Everything was ok so far. Added dealer key, which was successful. Read key info and it shows the new key and original key. But vehicle will not start and ignition won’t come on (just airbag light).

Remote central locking works on both new and old key. Tried DME-CAS + CAS-ELV sync but fails every time. I have tried connecting ACOM/ISTA but no terminal 15/ignition power.

Any ideas please?


Also, I have tried repairing ISTAP (which showed as successful) but still the same.

BTW, I did not make BDM backup.

Cas ID is 9395657 and when I insert remote/key steering in unlocked and just airbag and park brake light illuminated but turns off after a few seconds



You should always make backup if possible. Especially for CAS3++ISTAP. And VVDI2 warned you to make backup before flash update…

If you would have spare cas units or lot of CAS data from similar cars then you could trust this OBD function and if it bricks the cas you would be able to get out from this situation with different solution… But now it’s bad…


Tool to recommend:

You have to try to update cas with winkfp or Autel Maxisys pro 908, It should work for sure


Option 1: Have winkfp, but how?

Have you got inpa installed? You have to know what software has cas indentifying it in inpa and/or tool32 and then program with winkfp knowing the se version of cas. Years ago ista/p crashed a m6 cas and I managed to recover it with winkfp.

Instructions on how to update a module with WinKFP:

1 Start WinKFP and select F3:- Update ZUSB

2 Select ECU type and the ECU will appear along with a list of part numbers.

3 Select ok and the main menu will re-appear

4 Select VIN and enter the cars VIN no. and select OK.

5 Select Done

6 Select Prog. ZB_update, you will be asked to confirm the update, Winkfp wil state the number of times the module can be re-programmed.

7 Sit back and wait.

I did my TCU with my cars VIN no. and it took 35 mins over the OBD port.

1 start 2 choose setting 3 choose ecu 5 vin 6 prog

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Option 2: Autel Maxisys pro 908

Last year a customer crashed one 1 series cas with ista/p and also could recover it with autel Maxisys pro 908, because is easier, just Connect, select cas to program and code and in 5 minutes cas programmed and woke up.

http://www.uobdii.com/upload/pro/autel-maxisys-pro-user-manual.pdf (Programming and

coding refer to Page 61 -65)