How to program BMW E46 MDS43 ECU with WinKFP

Here is the tutorial of set up WinKFP& importing SP-daen files and programming E46 ECU using WinKFP software.

Tools needed:

BWM ICOM ISTA-D/P Rheingold engineering software WinKFP

BWM ICOM A2+B+C emulator or cheap BMW INPA K+DCAN cable

Step 1: Set up Winkfp and import Sp-Daten files

1) Download SP-Daten to your PC in order to update WinKFP databse with the daten files.

Here is the free SP-daten V50.2 free download resources. Make sure download all files.!nshRWaLA!NbXQSw7903FIt0JdU81zCA

2) You will notice the files you downloaded earlier have a ‘.rar’ extension; we need a program called WinRar to extract the daten files from the .rar archives. Bellow is a link to a trial version of WinRar:

3) Then extract the archives

4) Update SP-daten. Usually we use BMW Coding Tool to update the SP-daten. Here is one free download. BMW Coding Tool V2.50 free download:!zdpBHCTZ!AvdtG20ff8_V4WpO8AF88CvsZZBiZn7hg92E9KWxdME

5) Select “Select SP-source” and choose the Sp-Daten folder


6) Now click on “Update WinKFP” button and wait until update completed.


Update procedure is done. Now open SP-daten and start programming.

Step 2: Programming/Update ECU in WinKFP

How to program/update BMW E46 318 M43TU Engine ECU with WinKFP?

Setup WinKFP on INPA cable

1) Open WinKFP software on desktop


2) Select F1: Comfort mode

3) Press F3:Update ZUSB

4) Select assembly identification number MDS43


5) Press F8: Done

6) Press F3:Prog ZB-Update


7) Click Yes

8) Press OK to program ECU

9) Start programming ECU

10) Wait the procedure process to 100%


11) ZUSB-Update programming OK.

12) Exit WInKFP software. Unplug the INPA interface.