Autel AL519 – Best OBDII Code Reader for DIYer

I purchased Autel AL519 to help troubleshoot OBDII codes which were causing the Check Engine Light to show up on my 2004 BMW X3. I’m a not professional at repairing cars myself and tend not to PC-scanner based supporter. Then a friend recommend me Autel AL519 saying it fit me perfectly.

Let’s go straight to AL519 function to see what it can do…

I firstly upload a picture I took when I enter AL519 menu.


I find AL519 can do these, I list them all as follows:

  • I can use AL519 work with most OBDII and EOBD compliant vehicles from the world, also it work with CAN bus protocol vehicles.
  • Basic diagnostic function: read out trouble codes (DTC), display DTC definition, explain DTC Cause and tips, clear trouble codes and then turns off Check Engine Light (MIL);
  • I can check Freeze Frame, Datastream and Data Graphing
  • DTC Lookup showing trouble code and the signal meaning on the button.
  • Press I/M readiness monitor button, I can quickly access to I/M status
  • Link to Vehicle to read out vehicle information
  • Click Review Data, it is available with visible and audible feedback, user are allowed to give Autel suggestions which is very nice.
  • Open Setup, I can select language, it is available with English, French and Spanish, the seller told me they are available other Language combination, since I know English, they send me this version.
  • Update: Open Setup, click Update Mode, I can update to the newest version via Autel website.
  • Even I can print the data by touching Print Data.


Being a common car owner, I want to say Autel AL519 is very easy to use, even if the car owners who don’t know much car repair can use it. I suggest every car owner have one in case of emergency roadside car repair.


If you are interested in this tool, I advice you this good seller, their Original autolink autel al519 link: