Viecar 4.0 Bluetooth used as OBD2 Scanner and Car HUD Display for Android/ IOS

Viecar 4.0 parameter:

  1. in what way to communicate: Bluetooth Dual (2.0/4.0)
  2. OS: Android/ IOS
  3. Compatible vehicles: OBDII cars

(BTW: for detailed compatible OS and OBDII protocol, please check at:


Viecar 4.0 highlights most users like:

  1. Easy to take, weight only 20g

Viecar 4.0  1

  1. Viecar 4.0 transfers data rapidly, with low power dissipation advantage and saves power.
  2. Multifunctional: Viecar 4.0 is used as OBD2 scanner and head up display (HUD)

 Viecar 4.0  2

Viecar 4.0  3

1)Monitor the whole vehicle status when driving

Viecar 4.0 bluetooth scanner Monitor the whole vehicle status when driving and diagnose vehicle systems to ensure it is in best condition. Meanwhile the system will send real-time alarm when speed, water temperature or voltage goes beyond normal range to ensure driving safety.

Viecar 4.0  4

2)Fuel consumption analysis help save fuel and money

Viecar 4.0 Analyze and evaluate fuel consumption from the aspects of vehicle model, current and history fuel consumption, which help driver properly arrange driving and save fuel. Timely maintenance remind help prolong the vehicle lifetime and reduce the vehicle wear and tear to the minimum.

Viecar 4.0  5

3)Analyzes driving behavior and offer suggestion

Viecar 4.0 can analyze driving behavior through data collected and offer suggestions to help drivers improve their driving skills. It will help reduce the level of damage to vehicles overtime, furthermore, it can improve energy efficiency by reducing gasoline consumption.

Viecar 4.0  6

4)Cool display, smart driving

Cool HUD and real-time dashboard allows drivers to read driving data without looking away from the road, therefore to greatly improve traffic safety and provide a pleasant driving experience.

Viecar 4.0  7