How to rework CarProg S/N CAR001, CAR003, CAR005

This Carprog rework instruction here is for educational purpose. Hope it’s helpful! holds no responsibility for anything you will do on your carprog. Good luck!


Location: /CARPROG


CarProg repair kit:

4x 74HC125M,

4x 22uF capasitors,

1x MCP2515,

4x MC74HCT125M TSSOP-14



Carprog update kit contain:

4x 74HC125 – exchange these IC if carprog hardware test fail (IF CARPROG DOES NOT WORK):


on oldest CarProg board (S/N xxxxxxCAR001xxxx):

carprog-repair-2 carprog-repair-3


on older CarProg board (S/N xxxxxxCAR003xxxx):

carprog-repair-4 carprog-repair-5


  • on newest CarProg board (S/N xxxxxxCAR005xxxx):

4x 74HC125 TSSOP 14 – exchange these IC if carprog hardware test fail (IF CARPROG DOES NOT WORK):


4x 22uf tantalum capasitors – solder these capasitors to your A1 and A1+ adapters like in photos – very important modification!!!;

1x MCP2515 – if A1 adapter not work by CAN – this IC can be defective;



1x 12.000 MHz resonator – some times broke;

4x 2.2 Om SMD resistors – some times must be exchanged on main CarProg board (in urgent case you can short these resistors)


If your CarProg not work – make test with adapter


A9 first!!! If CarProg hardware test fail – in most cases you just need exchange 4x 74HC125 integrated circuit. Exchange all 4 74HC125 together!!!


Please update your A1 adapter: open A1 solder additional tantalum or electrolytic capasitors – this MOD will solve “comunication lost” problems.


A1 before modification:


A1 after modification:


or with electrolytic capasitors


Please update your A1+ adapter: open A1+ solder additional tantalum or electrolytic capasitors – more stable OBDII comunication. Also wery important for older CarProg users – change one 1k Ohm resistor and solder 120R Ohm


A1+Befere modification:


A1+ after modification:


or with electrolytic capasitors



Disclaimer: this is not originated from it’s a copy from,uk (THANKS for the contribution.) to share info here is for educational purpose. if you are newbies (not equipped with rich experience of rework), and don’t want to spend a lot with the programmer, my advice is to have a decent carprog clone:


a1 adapter: