Newest Version V9.31 Carprog FULL FAQs and Feedback

Here are Carprog FULL V9.31 FAQs and user feedbacks as a collection for you reference. Hope it helps.


Brief Introduction about Carprog

Carprog with all 21 items Adapters is a tool designed specifically to come to your rescue when you need to know the code of a car radio, a board or an immobilizer but not all. With Carprog you can make appointments for keys, change odometer, airbag reset but also others.


Frequently Asked Questions when buying Carprog FULL V9.31

Q: Is Carprog V9.31 the latest version Carprog Full? How can you send it to Russian?

A: Yes, Carprog V9.31 is 2014- latest Carprog diagnostic tool, and we can send it to via EMS or HK post.


Q: I interesting in this programmer, my question is whether it can b    e used to only correct odometers and few could change via OBDII, how long take to get to Mexico and what the cost of shipping.

A: The odometer correction function is not very good, this tool is professional in read and write ECU. About the different country shipping cost, you can evaluate it by yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions when using Carprog ECU Chip Tuning Tool

Q: Carprog FULL V9.31 is equipped with all Software’s activated?

A: V9.31 Carprog comes with all Software’s activated and all 21 items Adapters, Carprog Full V9.31 can do EEPROM and microcontroller programming.


Q: I’ve an older version (8.21) but some functions are locked and need to connect to the official website for purchase and update.

A: The newest Carprog v9.31 has the same hardware version with V8.21, only upgrade the software to V9.31. and the machine may be locked. If you need newest software V9.31, please read here:


Q: My Carprog is locked what can I do to unlock it?

A: hello, pls tell us your order number? Do you update the main unit or use the others version?


Q: Can Carprog Full Newest Version support Airbag Reset function?

A: Yes, Carprog support Airbag Reset function well, if you want to get more details about Airbag Reset cover models, you can visit here:


User Feedback:

  1. Highly recommend this product. I install it on Windows XP. The software is great. It’s very easy to operate.
  2. I have used it to do airbag reset on my Renault, so convenient, I will Recommend it to my friends.
  3. Low cost with powerful function. Car radios, dashboards, immobilizers repair, it’s awesome.
  4. I use Carprog to read Cayenne PIN code quickly, and it needle sweeps and tests a lot of instrument clusters, if you into dash repairs.