VVDI Key Tool from 2.3.5 firmware is GL version(Global) for customers

One user’s Feedback: Just heads up – do not upgrade Key Tool!!
I confirmed from few sources – they already stopped manufacturing of original Key Tool. I was stupid enough to upgrade to version 3.2.5. Originally tool was NA (North American) firmware, but with 3.2.5 firmware became GLOBAL. Some remotes are missing now (not on the list, and not in the XHORSE app either, so Mini Key tool is useless, I have it too). So if you’re happy with what you have – do not upgrade above version 3.2.2 or even lower! There’s no option to downgrade back to local (for example, North American) version – confirmed with some sales rep in China. “i am sorry that the GL version cannot be back. i confirmed with engineer” – was reply.
Very disappointed.
Until now it was best tool to use, new mini key tool just stupid toy with SOME features of Original Key Tool.

VVDI Mini Key Tool

Official Xhorse Claim:  

VVDI Key Tool GL version still updating but if you need NA version, i can setting for you. PM me your device SN.

About GL version explanation
From different regions customer’s feedback, they also need some other regions remote options(like ME region they also need some SE and EU database options)
So from 2.3.5 firmware there is GL version(Global) for customers.

1GL version from old 3 regions include(EU ME SE), those 3 old regions will automatically change to GL version from 2.3.5 firmware.

2GL version will cover more remote options, will keep updating and adding more remotes (if you find any options missing compare to old region version, you can PM to uobdii.com, the Xhorse will update)

3GL version already released universal smart key generation options.

4If customer still prefer to keep old region version, just PM uobdii.com about your device SN, Xhorse will setting back for you.(GL or keep old region version).

Or you can directly contact at Samic.


Reliable source of VVDI Mini Key Tool Global version