How to update ETKA 8.2 parts catalogue

This is for those who are looking for a way to update parts information ETKA 8.2.

(it’s for educational purpose. thanks you, SeedStorm)


I have ETKA in two computers and in one of them I’ve already screwed things up!

After having the update 1298 (for Audi and VW) installed you can update to 8.2 by going to C:\ETKA\PROG\Pakete82\ETKA_82_Install.exe.

With this update, things will be completely different and file migrations are going to be made.

The ETKA itself appears to have being moved to “C:\Program Files(x86)\LexCom\ETKA\PROGRAM”

The database appears to have being moved to “C:\ProgramData\LexCom\ETKA\Data”.

Dating back from ETKA 8.0 by mr.f33nix I used to launch ETKA from a desktop shortcut with the following destiny:

“C:\ETKA\PROG\EtStart.exe C:\ETKA\PROG\etka_vw.ini”

and upgrade the datebase with the desktop shortcut:
“C:\ETKA\PROG\ETKA Online-Update.exe”

Changing the ETKA shortcut to the new locations does nothing and the Online Updater is GONE!!!

Fortunately I have another computer with ETKA and I also have a backup of the C:\ETKA folder.

Don’t upgrade!!!

Let’s wait for instructions from the experts on how to update and have everything working, updates included!


etka-8.2-download-1 etka-8.2-download-2 etka-8.2-download-3 etka-8.2-download-4



Just don’t update to 8.2 and all works ok.


For now it’s the best to do, but eventually 8.2 will be “mandatory”.

I think that VW ETKA was always a “connected version”. Very functions are unavailable since we that use ETKA in our personal computers aren’t dealers. VIN search doesn’t work, etc etc…

It’s a fact that we are using an illegal copy of ETKA, but we can’t take economical benefits from that. I use ETKA to do my work before going to the dealer.

LexCom develops ETKA and I think that they have more things to do than apply anti-piracy measures in their software.

The update tool that I have goes directly to LexCom servers for the updates and they are allways downloaded. They could implement a system that only downloads when a valid ID is present but they just don’t care.

VAG group sells worldwide and force dealers in India, China or any other poor countries to be allways online is bad…

Random dealer in one of these countries:
“-Hello, I’m looking for a small trim piece for my car.”

“-Sorry, internet connection is pretty bad here and the catalogue requires to be allways online, I can’t help you at the moment because our internet connection is offline…”

If I worked at VW and had to apply anti-piracy measures to software I would prioritize the ones that directly impact the car with coding and stuff…

Relax, don’t spread false rumors and let’s wait. FOR NOW DON’T UPDATE! I have 8.2 in one of my computers and today I was able to start ETKA, I just can’t start the EPC.

Let’s wait…


(Thanks to SeedStorm for his great contribution)


on a side note, if you want to have a decent ETKA download without expiration/activation issues, ETKA 7.5 is your best way to go: