China CARPROG CANBUS Not Working, How to Solve?

This is a customer solution and feeback on China Carprog 7.28. He has successfully deal with “CARPROG CANBUS no working” issue.


I buy china carprog and coming sames problem CANBUS NO WORKING. I changing around 3x MCP not working, Conecting +12 volt to stabilizer not working, changing 4x 74HC125 in carprog not working. so i thinking around this tool and i open A1 adapters and compared with original A1 adapter .


In china peoples changing positions CAPACITORS AND RESISTORS !!!!.
I forget on important information IN A1 ADAPTER IS NOW SOLDERED NEW MCP old MCP. i dont soldered back. i dont tested ODL MCP if work wit this or not. So far, it is WORKING GOOD.

carprog-ori-codecard1 carprog-po-mod2 carprog-pred-mod3

I forget on PRT SCR from my china carprog conected to opel can.


CARPROG full 7.28 (Best Quality)