Can you interpret your car’s Engine light on?

When one of your car’s warning lights signals immediately flash, can you interpret it? What will you do? Continue to drive hoping the light will magically go away? Actually, many warning lights illuminate for self-test when you start your car, but they go off shortly afterward, however if it goes on flashing, it means that is something wrong with your vehicle, you need to appropriately respond to them and can’t go on driving, I conclude several pieces of tips as following, wish it will make you favor.


If your engine light comes on when you are driving, do as the following steps. Firstly, shut off your car’s engine; secondly, wait about two minutes, waiting allows the car’s computer system to reset itself. As you’re waiting, get out and check that your gas tank cap is on and screwed tightly. Thirdly, start your car again, and watch for whether the light comes back on to stay, if it does, it indicates that your car’s catalytic converter or exhaust system is malfunctioning, count the number of times it flashes, if it flashed a longer time, it needs immediate correction by using a fault code scanner which help read and erase fault codes, help turn off check engine light. According to my experience, 2 years ago, when I hesitate which supplier is reliable to buy professional diagnostic tools, since there are available with a number of OBD fault code scanners’ supplier, then my friend recommend me one, at that time, this site is 4 years old, and I am informed it always mainly deal with car diagnostic tools, OBD fault code scanners and so on, then I tried to get one Autel DS708, that was a good begin which makes me keep buying from it for 2 years, I clearly remember I paid one Autel DS708, then 4 hours later, it shipped me and mailed me on DHL tracking number, 4 days later I receive DS708, this tool didn’t let me down, it worked well with multi-brand cars and keep update online, except it can’t work with all the cars and can’t support programming. Later, I always suggest my friend buy from uobd2, and I keep buying from it some more professional diagnostic tools, such as: Launch X431,  CDP pro, MB star, BMW scanner, these tools work with dozens of vehicles which meets a technician needs, more importantly, they meet my needs, not too expensive and with good service. really worth your money and trust.