How to speed up Carprog clone reflash / reprogramming

I successfully made a modification to my Carprog clone for fast reprogramming (within 5 minutes), if I need to do it again will not be necessary to open it again and redo all connection every time I want or need to reprogram:

I used the Carprog pins from 15 to 21, those pins are useless for the programmer or any adapter, they are disconnected:

I used a “selector” like the desktop’s pc for bios, to select the programming mode, in picture from left to right: 1, 2 3, if the jumper is placed at pins 1 and 2, the pin 55 (reset) from the AT91 is shorted to ground, preventing deprogramming or programming the MCU, if the jumper is placed at pins 2 and 3 the pin 55 is shorted to vcc 3.3v and the Mcu is placed in ERASE MODE. Without jumper the mcu is placed in programming mode:


Now is probably a waste of time, in the near future will save me some time but from now I can reflash the AT91 in less than 5 minutes.
Update: I forgot to mention that I doesn’t need to remove the AT88SC eeprom to ERASE/REFLASH the AT91 mcu. After that the Carprog full works well. This is MY OWN experience, so, If you want to do the same, do it at YOUR OWN risk.

Ps. Special thanks audiotek for sharing his personal experience of Carprog modification in