Yanhua Mini ACDP refresh Mercedes Benz 722.9-2 (VGS2-NAG2) gearbox

Yanhua Mini ACDP add Module 16 (with 3 dedicated interface board and authorization) to clone Mercedes Benz (VGS-FDCT/ VGS2-FDCT) dual-clutch gearbox and 722.8 (VGS2-FCVT) gearbox, to refresh Mercedes Benz 722.9-2 (VGS2-NAG2) gearbox and Mercedes Benz 722.9 -3 (VGS3-NAG2) gearbox.

It features in No soldering and No risk, because it is plug and play, it is more safe and reliable comparing to the traditional plugging wire method which may lead to the opposite direction and wrong place.

Here are the 3 dedicated interface board of Module 16:

yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-board-02 yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-board-03 yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-board-04

Seeing is believing, next part will be about how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to refresh Mercedes Benz 722.9-2 (VGS2-NAG2) Gearbox:


  1. Mercedes Benz Module 16: 3 interface board + Authorization (How to add Yanhua ACDP authorization by yourself)
  2. Yanhua Mini ACDP main unit
  3. One phone (IOS or Android) or a computer with installed software from the official site.

—> Guide: Yanhua Mini ACDP software IOS /Android /PC download & installation 


If you are the Mini ACDP regular user, open Mini ACDP APP, update the software to the newest version.

Alright, enter “Benz”.


Click on “Gearbox clone/refresh”.


Choose “C class”.


Have options: VGS2-NAG2, VGS3-NAG2, we choose ” VGS2-NAG2″ in this case.


Main menu: Identify, Refresh, Modify VIN.

We choose ” Refresh”.


Loading hardware program to 100.

Wait until it shows the device is connected successfully, so that you can go the next step.


Prompt “Please connect ACDP with gearbox”.

Connecting system, please wait…

Reading system info, please wait…

It shows the system info.

Personalized: Yes

Activated: Yes

Note: Please screenshot the result.


Save the file (it is very important)


To get the erasing password by automatically or manual.

We select “Automatic” and follow the prompt not to unplug or plug the device during the online password calculation process.

yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-09 yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-10

Erase system data until finish.



Generate the logs.

Save the file.


It shows Refresh yes, click on “Indentify” to confirm.

yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-14 yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-15

Alright, it works:

Personalized: NO 

Activated: NO


Save the file;

Identify system information finish.

yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-17 yanhua-mini-acdp-benz-gearbox-clone-refresh-18

Alright, Yanhua Mini ACDP successfully refresh Mercedes-Benz 722.9-2 (VGS2-NAG2) gearbox.

After refreshing VGS2-NAG2 gearbox, install it back to the car, then you can synchronize the vehicle data.