What’s different between Autel IM508S and IM508

Autel IM508S is an Android-based touchscreen diagnostic, service and key programming tablet. This 7-inch Wi-Fi tablet includes the XP200 key programmer, offers immobilizer and key programming capability for most U.S., and Asian vehicles. Use to program Autel’s line of IKeys. The IM508S, an all-systems code reader and service tool, offers powerful IMMO functionality including backup, restore, adaptations and coding, key generation and key learning & remote learning.

Autel IM508S Features:

  • MaxiIM IM508S is an ultra fast portable immobilizer and key programming device
  • Powerful combination of key programming/all system diagnostics/maintenance services
  • Smart Mode for guided and automated key learning
  • Expert Mode for advanced key learning
  • Read PIN/CS (all key lost), key generation, key learning, remote learning
  • IMMO ECU reset/adaptation, refresh/coding
  • All systems diagnostics for US, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer
  • Maintenance services including EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil reset, and BMS

Autel IM508S Functiosn:


• Powerful Combination Of Key Programming, All System Diagnostics,
and Advanced Maintenance Services
• Powerful Diagnostics For U.S., Asian and European Vehicles, 1996 & Newer
• Advanced Maintenance Services including EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil Reset, BMS


• Smart Mode For Guided and Automated Key Learning
• Expert Mode For Advanced Key Learning
• Backup, Restore, Adaptations/Coding, Key Generation, Key Learning, Remote Learning
• Read PIN/CS (All Keys Lost), Key Generation, Key Learning, Remote Learning IMMO ECU Reset/Adaptation, Refresh/Coding

Compare with IM508:

Item Autel MaxiIM IM508S Autel MaxiIM IM508
Hardware Touch screen tablet & programmer Touch screen tablet & programmer
Connection Wired Wired
Automatic Scan
Guided Function
IMMO Function Comprehensive Comprehensive
Diagnostic Function Basic Basic
Processor Rockchip RK3566 Quad Core, 4x 1.8GHz(A55) Rockchip RK3188 Quad core, 4x 1.6GHz(A9)
System Android 11 Android 4.4.4
ROM 64GB 32/64GB
Screen/ Resolution 7 inches, 1024*600 7 inches, 1024*600
USB USB 2.0: (1 USB HOST Type A, 1 USB mini device) USB 2.0: (1 USB HOST Type A, 1 USB mini device)
SD Card Up to 64GB Up to 32GB
DB16 DLC x
Buttons 1 power button 1 power button
Battery 5000mAh 5000mAh
VCI All-in-one All-in-one
Programmer XP200 XP200
Read & Write EEPROM
Read & Write MCU
Read & Write ECU
Read & Write IMMO Box
Read & Write Instrument/Airbag Module
Identify Key to Generate
Write Key via Dump
Unlock Key √ (need XP400 Pro)
Detect Frequency √ (need XP400 Pro)
Generate Key
Simulate Key √ (need APB112) √ (need APB112)
Auto VIN
Read/Clear DTCs
Read Data Stream
Freeze Frame
Read ECU Info
Action Test √ (soon in Aug.)
Special Function √ (soon in Aug.)
Report Manager
Remote Desk
CANFD √ (need adapter) √ (need adapter)
Endoscope √ (optional Autel MV108/ MV105) √ (optional Autel MV108/ MV105)