Autel IM608 IM508 Fiat 500 key programming Coverage and test reports

Autel im508 and xp400 pro or Autel IM608 are tested by an increasing number of locksmiths to be able to program Fiat 500 Key even when all keys lost via OBD, it is a nice easy job.

Review 1.

I just did a 2013 Fiat 500 successfully with the Autel im508 and xp400 pro, you must pull the pin code and then make a dealer key in the programmer (for the new key) and then select learn key and must learn all keys when asked if you want to add another key if you don’t relearn any keys that initially started the car they will now be scraped (cannot relearn again ) they will no longer start the vehicle. ( I’m speaking from knowledge lol I did this mistake and cost me to buy the guy a new key and another 2 hours of my time).

Review 2.

Fiat 500 2011

All keys lost

Autel IM608 and xhorse super remote

All obd

Nice easy job

I started using xhorse remote year ago and never had a call back I even use one on my van

To see how long it will last and After a your its still going strong.

Review 3.

2015 FIAT 500, (46chip) dealer key & learning done successfully with Autel IM608. IM608 diagnostic good for troubleshooting cars

In fact:

Both Autel im508 and Autel im608 can program key for Fiat (AF), Fiat (AS), Fiat (AU), Fiat(CN), Fiat (EU), Fiat (ME), Fiat (NA), Fiat (SA).

Take Autel IM508 Fiat (AS) 500 coverage for example, please look at the image below I screenshot from the official site. It covers Fiat 500 2006 – 2008, 2008-2017, 2018 – 2020. It can do add key, all keys lost and read password.


And then Autel IM508 Fiat (AS) 500 coverage, it is as the same as Autel IM508:

To sum up!

Autel im508 and xp400 pro do the same easy job as Autel IM608 in Fiat 500 key programming (add key and all keys lost).