MQB all keys lost solution: Autel IM608 /IM508 vs AVDI vs VVDI2

When MQB all keys lost, Autel IM608 / IM508 yes to program new key, AVDI yes, VVDI2 someone say yes and someone say no.

  1. Autel IM608 / IM508 yes to program MQB when all keys lost

*** Autel MaxiIM IM608 / IM508 / Maxisys IM (need XP200 / XP400 / XP400 Pro) V4.25 VW/Audi software upgrade: MQB all key lost via OBD: 1. support all MQB models with Megamos AES key. 2. All key lost free: $30 per vehicle.


*** Autel MAXiIM series product upgrade VW /Audi V4.10:

MQB all models blade key all key lost via OBD.

Notes: This function applies to all MQB blade key models with Autel IM series product (including IM608 / IM600, IM508/IM100 + XP400 and MaxiSys IM)

All key lost fee: 30 dollars per us.

No need to take of any module.

Software free, only have usage cost of each car.


Read this pdf: Autel IM608 MQB All Keys Lost Audi A3 2015 –


2.  VVDI2 + obd helper: work with one working key



3. Can be done with immo data and sync file..


4. AVDI for VAG V37.0 update:

MQB All keys lost – added ability to perform ALL KEYS LOST even if the car is with automatic transmission.

User’s test report: Cannot be done because the dump is encrypted only online and $$$$$

The last version of AVDI has inserted online tokens (like VAG Helper), but in case of AKL need 2 tokens. token cost: 1x 20 euro plus vat…



Autel IM608 /IM508 for MQB Blade key all keys lost is BIG competition to all other, it is a good balance of price and quality.