Autel im608 / IM508 or vvdi2 full / vvdi mb based on reviews

Buy Autel IM608 / IM508 or Xhorse VVDI2 / VVDI MB, it depends on the vehicle coverage you expect.

Xhorse VVDI2 – VVDI MB test reports:

– VVDI is good for VW

– VVDI is way better and also programming Mercedes Benz is better in 908p

Vvdi mb password is faster even than AVDI. but it can’t do w163 via OBD2 or eeprom.
Vvdi full covers most tango functions
No tool can do all at this moment.


Autel im608 test reports:

   ***News! No ip lock any more.

– The bundle kit (IM608 + APB112 Key simulator+ GBOX2) has more value, it is the same price as JUST the IM608 with XP400 programmer.

– It handles all the Ford and Fiat I have worked on even the newer fiat
BMW on the IM608 has been a very good revenue stream.

– im608 is not bad for MB VW and some old BMW

– I would recommend it for a 1st tool for these reasons:
1). It’s my first key oriented tool and it’s been great for learning on.

2). it is fairly universal and if the software is lacking, often times you can’t still get the job with extra work because of the XP400 and GBOX2 then just not doing it at all if you’re dead set on JUST OBD.

3). the diag software is good, it comes with a built in hex editor that works well, storage and organization is neat.4). the J2534 programmer is an added source of revenue, often overlooked feature when talking immo but I use it in a pinch when factory files are needed.

5) If you run a workshop car repair of all kinds of work, doing service on vehicles everyday. From 08-17 O’clock.
Swapping diesel injectors – diagnostic – oil service reset – standard service 1 year.
Then you will earn enough to cover up the costs.

6) I only do locksmith job( residential and vehicles) nothing else. I’m not a mechanic. This tool cover a lot of “high end” cars Benz, BMW, VW, etc.
Its not like Xtool,Obdstar and other Chinese tools.

7) I have the Autel IM608. The Mercedes it can do, and with the G-Box it usually about 15-60 minutes to calculate the password. There are no tokens or anything. I can do almost all vehicles common in the US, and it is always updating. It hasn’t had any problem with BMW CAS systems, though ISTAP update you should still remove the module(it has the option to downgrade but I usually remove the module and program that way with 64 attempts to catch rolling code).

Volkswagen it works well with most. Had trouble with Kessy on a 2012 VW before, but since then no issue. Has some decent scan abilities as well which is nice.

8) The tool pays for itself if you use it. Tag $2 more on every job.

9) Autel IM608 is a solid base with lot’s of features and coverage. However, it, as ALL tools has gaps, flaws and you will ALWAYS need backup from other tools to be safe. It does not cost 1100usd a year, I just updated at cheaper price buying from It is still al lot of cash to earn back, but if you ask decent prices for cars that others have to leave aside, then you can earn it back plus extra profit.

Little advise; take a sub on something like Lifeline, and external backup that can program lot of cars by internet. You pay through the nose but as a back up, you may finalise on jobs you will be stranded on without. It works by buying a box which you connect to internet using your phone or tables. You buy into a service like key programming and they will do it from a server. It is not saving you on all occasions (still work left for bench, lock picking, etc. as final solution) but it will save your ass at times.


Buying IM608 mainly or just for Mercedes is too much of a cost. But your statement of how things work with paying for a tool…. Autel does lot’s of updates and development, that will cost you, simply as that. And they invest loads to develop (or buy code) for a tool before making a simple penny. Also, you don’t just pay for development, you pay for a bunch of hardware and support. If you don’t need any of that, just leave the tool alone, but reasoning like it’s unfair to pay for what you get (a hell of a tool, though not perfect), that’s just not fair. Making money is not greed.. it’s wise, so you can keep on developing (and growing your business), if tools become really cheap, that’s when I start to worry about its future.


Without the subscription it’s still more then a basic tablet.

You still have the XP400 ofr EEPROM and MCU work.

You still have the JVCI for J2534

You still have all offline functions, and vehicle coding functions, and service functions.

MOST functions of immo are not even online.

I have the Elite that has been off subscription for more than a year, my apprentice uses it without issue to do many things other tools cannot.


Autel im608 is actually an excellent tool for any auto locksmith , due to its coverage and its reliability , and is far cheaper than other tools of equal coverage , the annual fee will work out cheaper than using tools like AD smart pro and zedfull , the tool is cheaper than these and the tokens on these will work out far dearer .

Autel do continue development and worthwhile development costs money , their annual fee pays for the ongoing development that gives their tool a longer life span , making it an investment and not just a for now tool.

it is very easy for the tech outfits that don’t develop but instead copy the work of others , but these are always behind the game and at best are for now tools, just as there are career auto locksmiths that commit to what they do as a long term career, learn all they can to achieve their goals , there are also pop up locksmiths with no interest in a career but instead want to make a bit of money on what they can whilst they can , the tool and business needs of both will differ greatly just as their work rates differ.

with regards autel , if as a small business with low turnover due to low work rates you find the cost and the annual fee too rich for you , and if your only interest is in keys and remotes and not the diag side, then look at IM508 , it has good key coverage and if you also buy the XP400 you have the same key coverage as IM608 with the exception of MQB and later Mercedes . im508 with xp400 that gives you much the same key coverage as im 608 is £1000 cheaper than im608 and the annual fee is half the price, which brings it on par price wise with lonsdor and obdstar but a better unit. so theres an autel option for low income set ups as well .


what does the Autel im608 do that the Autel im508 can’t to justify the extra cost and sub costs ?

– If your only interest with it is only keys then both have the same key coverage if you get xp400 , gbox2 and the apb12 smart key emulator with im 508 you have the exact same key coverage as you get with im608 , the difference between the 2 is purely the diagnostic functions on 80 makes , and some eeprom applications , thats it , if you dont need full vehicle diagnostics and only want to do keys then 508 with the extras gives you same coverage as 608, bar mqb all keys lost which may be up in the air at mo.

but main difference is the full diag on 80 makes , i know a few lockies who love it for its nissan , psa and opel diag , but its the diag functions that cost the extra and the increased annual fee only , with the extras mentioned then 508 has exact same key coverage.

To be upgrading…