Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 Cable Use Guide

Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 Passthru Cable is mainly used to work with original diagnostic software such as VAG ODIS, TOYOTA Techstream, Honda HDS, Subaru SSM4, Ford IDS and Mazda IDS for vehicle diagnosis. To perform the function, MVCI Pro driver software and diagnostic software are required to download install.


Here is the operation guide.

1.Download and install Xhorse MVCI Pro J2534 driver software

Free download MVCI Pro J2534 driver software

Size: 52.2MB

No password

Software version: 1.0.3

Language: English & Chinese

Operating system Win7, Win10

After downloading, open the application, and follow the prompts to install directly.

2.Download and install the compatible original J2534 diagnostic software

  • ODIS V11 download:


Password: jgq5d9

  • ODIS 10 Download:


Password: 6vi5ku

  • TOYOTA Techstream download

Techstream 18.00.008 setup:


Drivers & patch:


  • Honda HDS 3.104.024 download:


Password: hecsv3

  • Subaru SSM407 download:


Password: x5h0zm

  • Ford IDS V129 download:


Mazda IDS V129 download


Ford_Mzd patch download:


3.After the driver and software are installed, connect the MVCI Pro cable to the laptop and vehicle, and then open the MVCI Pro driver to use.

There are four functions in the left toolbar of the MVCI Pro driver: Device Management, Vehicle diagnosis, Upgrade and Setting.

  • Device Management

You can perform connect, read authorization, update authorization and device test here.

Click “Connect” to connect MVCI Pro J2534 Cable

Once the connection is OK, the related device info, firmware version, and SN… will appear on the screen.

Click “Read authorization” to check the current authorization status and available times.

Note: If the number of available times is 0, most functions will be limited.

Click “Update authorization” to update the newest authorization status and reset available times.

  • Vehicle diagnosis

The corresponding driver can be installed for different car brands. After installation, the cable can be used with the original diagnostic software.

  • Upgrade

It shows the current MVCI PRO software and firmware version info. If there is new version, click “Upgrade” button to update online directly.

  • Current software version V1.0.3
  • Current firmware version V1.2.0

  • Setting

You can select language, open log, and save log in this option.