(Solved) Can’t find erase password vvdi mb for eis w204

Q: I would like to use VVDI MB tool to renew eis A204 545 13 08 because the esl is damaged, I unlocked the ESL now I need the renew for can personalized.

I can’t find erase password for renew this one.


A: You don’t need to renew eis

just make password calculation from eis

then save eis data with key pw !

after u unlock esl nec chip just load vvdi mb eis data and take this eis data with pw you just saved and just make a click on “auto tp clear and personalize”



Q: I do not know this procedure. After I need write eis data in ESL ?

A: yes mate just write ur eis data included key pw in esl nec !

**important** make a click on “auto clear tp and personalize”


write esl!

Q: I can’t write.

I have error ? writing data failed ?.

I can use ESL emulator ?

A: Yes you can use elv emulator.


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