VVDI BGA MB W164 adapter upgrade

I have little dreaming and then little playing with original VVDI EZS/EIS cable adapter for reading on bench from W164/W251 – EZS/EIS units.
Because condition for reading by W164 EZS unit are the same as

by W211-W169-W209-W203 (W203 newer type from 2003 up), then I upgrade
this W164 EZS cable adapter with plug for W211 EZS type and plug

for ESL unit suitable to this older EZS type…
need now only as by W164 EZS have connected some CGW/ZGW unit ( like gateway ), can be anyone used, in this case is his function only as basis
simple interface for converting CAN-C to CAN-B and then can be

This EZS units readed by VVDI MB BGA tool on bench

reworked-updated-upgraded adapter working like a charm

Tested on EZS from W211 part number A211.545.09.08 with 1L85D on the PCB
who want create this upgrade too, there are wiring pinout of both EZS for info, what cable need to connected where to


The above information is quoted from real user’s experience.