PCF7941 Unlock, used remote key unlock, which tool OK?

Which tool can unlock or renew a second-hand used remote key, to unlock PCF7941 or other remote keys like Toyota Chrysler? I know some expensive tools maybe do it, but I need it within my budget, please!


To answer these kind of “Remote key unlock” questions which came up recently, uobdii.com engineers summarize a recommended tool list for you. Hope it helps!

Which tool to unlock PCF7941?

  1. Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

Not only you can use VVDI PROG to read, write, unlock PCF7941 chip key, but also many other chips are supported like PCF7953, PCF7937…


Already tested:

Opel Astra H PCF7941reset OK

Opel Insignia PCF7937 reset OK

BMW F series PCF7953 reset OK


Before VVDI PROG unlock PCFxx chip, chip status is “Locked”.


After VVDI PROG unlock PCFxx chip, chip status is “Unlocked”.


Note: This function need additional adapter: PCF79XX Adapter for VVDI PROG

Check this to know more:



  1. Orange 5 Programmercan unlock PCF7941 as well, but only for Chrysler, other car brands maybe not work.

Orange 5 can restore Chrysler remote key PCF7941 to factory settings.

Note: The PCF7941 adapter needed is already in this full package.



Other remote unlock tips and tool recommended:

New tool VVDI Key Tool support renew parts of NXP keyless go keys & normal keys.

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