VVDI Key Tool directly clone Hyundai i10 remote OK

It’s already tested that you can directly clone a new Hyundai i10 Kappa2 Sportz remote key using VVDI Key Tool Remote Key Programmer! No need any other procedure, directly copy!


How can VVDI Key Tool directly clone Hyundai i10 remote control?

Steps for your reference…

After power on VVDI Key Tool, choose “Remote Clone” function then “Special Clone”.


Put the original remote key you want to clone close to VVDI Key Tool antenna as picture. And press remote key all three buttons one by one.


Now take out the new remote control PCB board, and connect it with VVDI Key Tool via the programming cable.


Press “OK” button and choose remote key frequency: 315MHz


In this way, VVDI Key Tool clone Hyundai i10 Kappa2 Sportz remote key successfully! No need other complicate procedure, just copy it directly!

vvdi-key-tool-clone-copy-huyndai-i10-remote-key-guide-6 vvdi-key-tool-clone-copy-huyndai-i10-remote-key-guide-7


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