Jeep Wrangler Key Copy ID46 PCF7941 by CN900 Mini EASY

Good news for sharing: It’s newly tested OK to clone Jeep Wrangler Key ID46 PCF7941 by CN900 Mini! New key chip used: CN3 ID46 Cloner Chip.

Steps are really easy as below!


(How-to) CN900 MINI Clone Jeep Wrangler ID46 Key Steps

Power on CN900 MINI Transponder Key Programmer.

Put the original Jeep Wrangler ID46 Key into the transponder area (the coil)

Click “READ&COPY” button on main menu.


It will read key ID, key type: crypto 46, crypto mode: 7941.



Click “DECODE” button to decode the original key and get full key information.


Then follow the instructions:

Insert the original key into car ignition and put CN900 MINI antenna close to the ignition.

Turn on then off car ignition for totally 5 times. (Turn on ignition, wait 3 seconds then turn it off.)



After that, insert the original key into CN900 MINI coil again, click “OK”.

It will read this Jeep ID46 PCF7941 key full data as below:


Now insert the new key with CN3 ID46 Chip, click “COPY” and things done!

Mini CN900 copy Jeep Wrangler ID46 key with PCF7941 chip easily!


CN900 Mini $189 with Multilanguage resource here: