How to online update TJECU CN900 Mini Firmware V3.1 on Win 7 8?

TJECU CN900 Mini Firmware V3.1 Update free download!VcQjCAZZ!t7iwxnVUd1voIsfaRfb7M3Kfx0xR0fc1gdpyM3jI9Q4


1.Download CN900 Updater

2.Delete the previous update file
3.Open the newest updater software
4.Click on update button
5.The main module of firmware is updating. Wait upgrade procedure complete

cn900-mini-v3-1 cn900-mini-v3-1-02


Please ensure the network connection is working.

TJECU CN900 Mini Firmware low version update guide,the this high version update procedures are same.

How to Update Newest CN900 Mini v1.50.2.23 Firmware