Mini CN900 and MINI ND900, which one is not original from TJECU Company?

Good news, MINI ND900 (or MINI900) accept booking at at a nice price 185USD. Accordingly, some diyers and locksmiths asked a same question “MINI CN900 and MINI ND900, which one is not original from TJECU Company? “ the answer is both MINI CN900 and MINI ND900 are both original TJECU tool.


They differ from each other in following two points:

  1. MINI ND900 and MINI ND900 are distributed to different dealers, so they have different outlook.

PS: please note the JTECU logo is marked on the front side.

This is mini CN900:


This is MINI ND900:


  1. They both can update online but on different site.

Their update file differs from each others.

Mini CN900 official site:

Mini ND900 official site:



They are the same in the following points:

  1. Built with same firmware V1.13, same PCB.


  1. Both mini CN900 and MINI ND900 can copy 11/12/13/33/T5/4C/4D/42/46/48/72G chip.
  2. USB2.0, Bluetooth4.0
  4. Support same frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ

RFID identifly 125KHZ  134.2KHZ  13MHZ

RF data reception 27-900MHZ

RF radio frequency identification,support all kinds of remote controls

RF Data transmission, supports all kinds of remote control simulation test


  1. Update online and have same update procedure, procedures as bellow.

1) Browse CN900 MINI/ ND900 official site, register & login and then download the update file.

2) Delete the older update file.

3) Open the newest update V1.9 setup.exe.

4) Click on the “Update” button.

5) The firmware main module is updating. Wait until it complete.