Autel IM508 Read IMMO data for VW Golf 6 on Bench

Used Autel MaxiIm IM508 to read IMMO data from ECU for VW Golf 6 on Bench.

The whole process is simple and quick in 2 minutes.

Plug the wires into the ECU shown as below.

Connect Autel IM508 to a computer, and make sure the network connection is enabled.

select VW and then “Expert Mode”.

Checking network connection..

Select “Engine”.

Auto detect.

Establishing vehicle communication.

Current engine type is : MED17 Direct, tap “Ok” to read IMMO data.

Reading IMMO data, please wait a few seconds.

Calculating IMMO data, please wait a few seconds.

Have the vehicle IMMO information finally including VIN, PIN, CS code etc.

Tap “Ok”, job is done.

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