2015-2017 Mercedes FBS4 Mileage Programming Solutions Cheap & Expensive

2015-2017 Mercedes FBS4 mileage programming solutions:

1.Mercedes_OBD assistant cable (Newest, 269usd)

2.CG MB programmer newest version (adds Mercedes FBS4 mileage programming functions)


Part 1: Mercedes_OBD assistant cable


Price: 269usd

Method: via OBD


Car model list:

W222: 2015 -2017

W205: 2015-2017

C217: 2015-2017

C190: 2015-2017

C253: 2015-2017

X253: 2015-2017

W447: 2015-2017

W213: 2015-2017 (will update)

-2015: need can filter


Type 1: MB CAN Filter 18 in 1 for Benz BMW (20usd)




Type 2: CAN Filter 18 in 1 for Benz/BMW (20usd)




1. First use the <1 OBD Read Config Info> option to get the vehicle configuration information;
2. Reinstall the meter and write the vehicle configuration information with the <3 OBD Write Config Info> option;
3. Finally use the <4 OBD Read Mileage> and <5 OBD Write Mileage> options to read and write the kilometers.
4. Modifying the kilometers again is only required to operate in <4 OBD Read Mileage> or <5 OBD Write Mileage> steps!!!

<1 OBD Read Config Info> and <2 OBD Write Config Info> communication takes 15-30 minutes, Please make sure the vehicle battery is sufficient! Before operating <2 MCU Data Programming>, Please confirm whether the meter is 8-drive or 11-drive.

Step 1: OBD Read Configuration Information;
If Odometer Correction is supported, here are the tips: Make sure the vehicle battery is sufficient.
If Odometer Correction is not supported, here are the tips: For cars before 15 years, you need to add a filter, and then you can operate steps 4(OBD read kilometers) and steps 5(OBD write kilometers); cars after 17 years do not support Odometer Correction temporarily.

An example: Benz 205 chassis instrument for 16 years calibration process

Step 1: OBD Read Configuration Information
Configuration data must be saved after successful reading!

Step 2: MCU Data Programming
At this time, you need to remove the back cover of the dashboard, select the type, and select the wiring method according to the type. You can open the wiring diagram directly,there are 5 wires in total(as the picture). The meter is divided into 8-drive and 11 drive.Please confirm whether the meter is 8-drive or 11-drive.

After connecting the wires according to the wiring diagram, perform the operation. If the MCU data is edited successfully, the wiring can be removed.

Step 3: OBD Write Configuration Information
The configuration information is the data read in the first step, and you can select the saved data at this time;
Then you can get the prompt that the vehicle configuration information is written successfully

Step 4: Adjust the mileage
Use the <4 OBD Read Mileage> and <5 OBD Write Mileage> options to read and write the kilometers.
For example, we wrote the mileage of 12345; then read it out is 12345km.

Look at the dashboard again, the kilometers are correct! The steps are complete!


Part 2: Update! CGDI MB adds FBS4 mileage programming via OBD

Nice features:

  1. via OBD
  2. Without can filter
  3. Safe and stable
  4. Without dismantling


Supported car models:

W205   2015-2017

W222   2015-2017

C190    2015-2017

C217    2015-2017

C253    2015-2017

X253    2015-2017

W447   2015-2017


CGMB Upgrade FBS4 Mileage Repairing


Obviously, if you don’t have CGDI MB programmer, the cheapest FBS4 mileage programming solution is Mercedes_OBD assistant cable.