7 steps to deal with low oil pressure problem

Many facets will affect the performance of oil and so there are also many aspects could have an influence with low oil pressure problem. In result, UOBDII.com reminds you seven steps to deal with low oil pressure problem.


Step1: starting the engine and check observe the gauge or light to identify if it is actually in low engine oil pressure or not

Step2: with oil dip stick, inspect the level of engine oil to make sure oil level is proper or not.

Step3: detection on oil pressure switches is necessary, for if they are going wrong, they will lead to a fault read on gauge; just remove the switch and insert a manual gauge to the engine and restart the engine. The gauge should range from 25 to 45 pounds.

Step4: ensure maintenance on oil pump, for if the screen is plugged with sludge, it will lead to low pressure.

Step5: make sure the performance of oil pressure relief valve and spring, for it is a cause to low oil pressure too.

Step6: because engine bearing worn is also the cause of low pressure, avoid their worn

Step7: some vehicles will fail to work well if there is no oil pressure for they are with a belt to drive the pump.

In conclusion, oil low pressure problem maybe caused by improper oil level, broken oil pressure switches, plugged screen, valve and spring failure, bearings worn and so on. Hence, to avoid these problems could be possible to ensure oil pressure in normal level.

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