8 steps to fix a car battery going dead overnight

A car battery provides vehicle electrical parts power and power up engine. Thus, there are several conditions to lead to battery lose charge overnight. Aging battery loses its ability to hold charge, so replacement of a battery every 3 to 4 years. If your battery is new, you need to use Jump Start Emergency Charger to start up vehicles.


The following will mainly display you 8 steps to fix a car battery going dead overnight:


car bettery going dead
Car engine jump start between two vehicles
  1. Have a test on alternator.

Malfunction of alternator will lead to the battery to go dead. If alternator works, go to next step; if not, have alternator repaired. (Today we are showing you abnormal alternator)


  1. Check the headlight control switch

Many vehicle users are easily to forget to turn off headlight; in this way, it might be the cause of dead battery. In this case, just turn off headlight and jump start with jump starter or charge the battery. After about 15 minutes, your vehicle dead battery problem will be solved.


If headlight switch is in the off position, you should better follow the next step to solve the problem.


  1. Check on the interior illumination lights

For safety reason, people leave vehicles there are the interior illumination lights on and after a period of short time, it will be turn off via delay mechanism control. If the delay mechanism control fails to work, it will make lights on and drain battery. If it does, you should delay mechanism fixed or replacement of body control module. Next step you should followed if the interior illumination lights test ok.


  1. inspection on car stereo tape deck or CD player

If you find a tape or CD get stuck in the player either loading or ejecting causing the motor inside the tape deck to keep running, it consumes battery power overnight. Remove the units and replace the player, reinstall when repaired. If it tests ok, just do the following step.


  1. Have a check on the glove box illumination light

If the glove box illumination light control switch fail to work or misaligned, it will drain battery charge. Change or re-correct the switch to operate properly and re-inspect light operation if the light is illuminated while the glove box door is closed. Next step does follow if tests on the glove box illumination light are ok!


  1. Check on the trunk illumination light

If inspection on the trunk illumination light is ok, go to next step;

The light should go off as the trunk lid is nearly closed. If the light doesn’t go off, replace or readjust the switch and recheck operation.


  1. Inspect on the hood illumination light, the cigarette lighter in both front and rear passenger compartments and the electric seat control switches.

If the hood illumination light does not go off, replacement or readjustment of switch should be done


  1. Manual draw check of the electrical system will need to be performed

Open the hood and diaable the under hood illumination light if equipped; wait 15 minutes after switch key in off position and closed doors; disconnect the battery cable on the negative side; use test light to test on battery terminal; thus, if the test light is “ON” brightly there is a strong electrical draw in the system; if not, locate faults and repair and identify according to vehicle repair manual.


All in all, NO leaving electrical lights or parts on vehicles, or will easily drain battery.