How to Personalize TIS Techstream v13.30.18 Menus?

This is my first Toyota and the first time I ever really went into any of the vehicle settings through the OBD2 port. It was a frustrating experience to say the least. Getting the Mini VCI J2534 cable and the Techstream software v13.30.18 to work on my system was a challenge. First off I’m running Windows 10 thus 64 bit OS has compatibility issues with the MVCI cable despite having Windows 10 recognize the devices. I had to surf the net for several step-by-step guides

( to get it to work. When the video was 1 year ago using V13.00.022 software I had my doubts but ultimately it worked.

Online guides mention you need to use the drivers from the CD that came with the cable. Ok so my laptop doesn’t have CD drive, great…. I dug up an old laptop. Tried to get it to boot and work and when I finally did, I found out the CD was literally a blank CD (at least I can use it to write data into). Then came the issue with Techstream and all the different versions available. Some are free, others say it’s free, some come with bonus trojan’s yet others require the activation code which you can get by joining a forum for $20. Scam… Anyway, I got my VCI cable from which can be easily crack without activation code. Finally installed v13.30.18 for the n’th time after finally configuring it to work with Windows 10 and bam woohoo! I was so happy until I realize I couldn’t get into any of the customization settings. No idea why. Internet says it’s the software so back to square one. Install v14 but ultimately I couldn’t even get it to load. So I reinstalled v13.30.18 and for whatever reason, the missing customization buttons suddenly appeared. It works! I hope I never have to format my computer ever to try to get this to work again. What a PITA.

So rather than reinventing the wheel here are the forum sites I used with very helpful individuals sharing their drivers and files


With Techtream Mini VCI J2534 cable running Techstream software v13.30.18, All I wanted to change was the loudness of the turn signal.. a couple hours of work for a not very significant volume difference. Oh well. See attachments for all the configuration settings available as well as its default for a 2019 Canadian RAV4 Hybrid Limited. 2air.conditioner-02 3clearance.warning-03









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