Use digimaster 3 for Toyota Alphard 2019 / Crown 2018 mileage correction

Yanhua digimaster 3 is able to correct mileage for Toyota Alphard 2019 with 93xx chip and Toyota Crown 2018.


Simple guide:

Remove the 93xx 8pin chip off the dashboard, then solder to OBP adapter, then connect with the DIGIMASTER III main unit to read the old km and write new km.


Attach OBP adapter image:

digimaster-3-toyota-alphard-2019-crown-2018-mileage-correction-01 digimaster-3-toyota-alphard-2019-crown-2018-mileage-correction-02


Yanhua digimaster 3 Toyota Alphard 2019 and Toyota Crown 2018 menu:

Note: For Toyota Alphard 2019, please click on “Detect vehicle and adjust meter automatically”.

For Crown, after clicking on “Crown”, you will have “93C46” and 93C66 options.

digimaster-3-toyota-alphard-2019-crown-2018-mileage-correction-03 digimaster-3-toyota-alphard-2019-crown-2018-mileage-correction-04 digimaster-3-toyota-alphard-2019-crown-2018-mileage-correction-05 digimaster-3-toyota-alphard-2019-crown-2018-mileage-correction-06

Go on, the next steps will be easy by following the on-screen instructions.