(Fixed) Digimaster3 correct mileage on 2014 Hyundai Sonata failure

Have Digimaster3 Odometer Correct tool to correct mileage for 2014 Hyundai Sonata, firstly failed to do and then get data lost because of using the black clip adapter.


Here 6 images showing failure and how the user connected:


Solution provided by uobdii.com engineer:

It’s not safe to collect data by using the clip adapter (shown as image 4), which will cause data lost easily, that’s why the D3 package doesn’t contain this clip adapter.


The correct method:

Remove the chip 93C66, weld it on the OBP adapter to read out the original mileage, then reset a mileage value you want.


One more question: I saw many videos the posters use the clip adapter to collect data and succeed, why I failed?

Answer: It’s not 100% percent to read out the data using the clip adapter. If the contact is bad, the data is easy to lose.


But it takes too much time and inconvenient, I already lost data. Now it shows 0 ……

Solution: finally, uobdii.com customer service send the data “Hyundai Sonata dashboard 93C66 -203KM” to this user and finally problem solved.


TIP: do not use that clip adapter any more.