Digimaster 3 Toyota Estima 2012 mileage correction instruction

Car model and year: Toyota Estima Japan model year 2012


To adjust the mileage and change rhe kmh led on dash to read mph

Mileage correction tool:

Yanhua Digimaster 3

Chip: 8feet 93C56 (ra57)


Option 1: weld the chip on the OBP board (safe and stable)

Option 2: use the clip (easily lost the data; and not stable, need to try several times until succeed).

How to weld the chip on the OBP board to change the mileage?

Remove the chip off the dashboard.

Remove the excess tin on the IC.

Weld the chip on the OBP adapter packed in the Digimaster 3.

Solder the chip off the adapter.

Solder the chip back onto the adapter.

Use banana oil to clean the chip that was solder back onto the adapter.