obdstar X300dp Plus Software Update FAQs: Cost, How-to, How often etc

Put together all questions and answers on obdstar x300 dp plus software update: how many years for free, update cost, how to update, how often to update, update errors’ solution etc.

1. How many years for free update X300 DP plus software?

It’s one-click update and one-year free online.

2. How often to update for free?

High frequency, upgrade every month.


How to register and update Obdstar X300 DP Plus software?

2. obdstar x300 dp plus software update fee after 1-year free update expires: 400USD

Source: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/obdstar-x300-dp-plus-one-year-update-service.html

On sale: This price $400 will be valid till Jun 30th, 2020 only. What’s more, you can have one month extension, which means buy now you can get free update online for the next 13 months.


Firmware: for OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C Version Full Package

Shipping: No need

How to do: leave serial number after placing order online, wait for the authorization.

3. obdstar tools software update price cheap or expensive?

The prices of updates depends of which tool you got.
If you bought a cheap version the prices are lower. And if buying the more expensive tool like 1500USD. The prices are higher.
When I bought one of the OBDStar tools recently. I compared the prices of update. And found a price about 250-400USD, of the tool I choose. Which is OK.

The Autel IM608 / Aurodiag IM600 costs 1000USD for one year of subscription. That is much more expensive.

Especially when have a good variety of tools.
And you always want to make updates, when you see there something new developed.
Then it starts to cost money.

4. Question: I can’t update x300dp plus software.This is what the display shows:no software can be upgraded.

Answer: It means you either have all the current software

Or your subscription has expired and you no longer have access to the new software

In either case


So your either up to date or past due

To be upgrading…


Obdstar X300DP Plus Unboxing Video: