How to assemble MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key?

MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key assembly process is available in this article, it shares the same procedure as that of Xhorse VVDI Benz smart key shell 3 button.

MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key is taken apart, and all parts are here:

Next is on how to put these parts together:

  1. Removethe cover and install the battery.

  1. Put into the  MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Keypcb.

  1. Close the back cover.


  1. Buckle the metal edge.


  1. Match the key and test ifthe key works. Press the remote control button to see if the light is on.

  1. Install the emergency key clip and spring.

  1. Fit the tail.


  1. Buckle the plastic card.

  1. Install the emergency key.

  1. Assembly the key successfully.