NP Tools HU66 V2 VW Audi lock pick and decoder tool using tips

2020 NP Tools HU66 V2 VW Audi lock pick and decoder tool can read and open the door more stably and durably then KwikDecoder HU66 released in 2019.

Look at NP Tools HU66 V2 full package:


Price: $69.99

Read and open the door time: in 10 seconds

2-in-1 lock pick and decoder: can read and open the door then you lost the VW Audi car keys.

After opening the door lock, you will get the key code for the cutter.

NP Tools HU66 V2 vehicle coverage:

POLO, LaVida, Passat, Tiguan,Touran, New Santana, Golf, Bora, Gore, Sagitar, CC,Caddy,

Sharan,Touareg, Phaeton, Beetle


Fabia, Octavia, Superb

Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat, Bugatti, Porsche​

Easy to use for anyone even the newbie who have not received training.

Watch video on Youtube:

Images mean a lot:

how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-02 how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-03  how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-05 how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-06 how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-07 how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-08 how-to-use-np-tools-hu66-v2-09