OBDStar Tool Update detail in May

OBDStar Tool Update detail in May:


Great Wall

1. Optimized VV5C 2017- smart key system

2. Optimized VV7C 2017- smart key system

3. Optimized Haval H4 smart key system all keys lost

4. Optimized Haval H6 2013-2018 smart key system KSTAR Knob PEPS system clear key and add key

5. Optimized Wingle 5 IMMO system Delphi diesel (Bosch 4D20) key programming


1. Increased Chevrolet Asia Captiva Proximity

2. Increased Chevrolet Trailblazer smart key system

3. Increased the German and updated multi-language

4. Optimized Buick Excelle GT/XT (with smart) 2018- key programming

5. Optimized Buick Regal (without smart) 2000-2005 all keys lost procedure

6. Optimized Cadillac XTS menu

7. Optimized Cadillac XTS (with smart) 2013-2015 all keys lost procedure

8. Optimized Chevrolet AVEO remote programming procedure

9. Optimized Chevrolet Captiva (with smart) all keys lost procedure

10. Optimized Enclave 2008-2013 remote programming procedure

11. Optimized Envision (with smart) -2017 key programming and all keys lost

12. Optimized GL8 (with smart) 2017- 2.0T communication

13. Optimized Cadillac CT6 (with smart) -2016 key programming procedure

14. Optimized GL6 2017- smart key system


1. Increased IMMO system type 9 (2020)

2. Increased smart key system type 7 (2020)

3. Optimized IMMO system type 2 (with G 72) key adding procedure


1. Optimized UAES smart key system

2. Optimized Boyue smart key system clear key

3. Optimized Vision X3 IMMO system after-sales key programming


1. Optimized MG GS smart key system

2. Optimized MG GT IMMO system clear key

3. Optimized MG HS smart key system

4. Optimized MG 3 remote system MG3 (old version)

5. Optimized Roewe RX5 IMMO system (with smart)


1. Optimized X7 TungThih smart key system EMS reset

2. Optimized X7 TungThih smart key system EMS programming


1. Optimized new Focus 2011- IMMO system

2. Optimized Mustang USA proximity 2020

3. Optimized EcoSport 2018- IMMO system operation tips

4. Optimized New Focus 2014- IMMO system key adding procedure

5. Optimized Mondeo Zhisheng IMMO system type 2 all keys lost

6. Optimized Ranger Australia blade 2015-2018 all keys lost (Beta)

7. Optimized Kuga Australia balde 2012-2016

8. Optimized Territory smart key system

9. Optimized Kuga IMMO system

10. Increased Ranger USA blade 2015-2019 type 2

11. Increased the German and updated multi-language


1. Optimized new energy ECU smart key system

2. Optimized Senova D20 IMMO system key programming

3. Optimized Jing Koo S50 smart key system


Optimized CS10 integrated IMMO system (CAN)


1. Optimized smart key Pincode reading

2. Optimized smart key system type 1/2/3/4/5/6 key programming procedure


1. Increased the German language

2. Optimized smart key Pincode reading

3. Optimized smart key system tips

4. Optimized 46 smart card Pincode reading (via OBD)

5. Optimized 2014 Kia K5 smart key programming procedure

6. Optimized smart key system type 1/2/3/5 key programming procedure


1. Optimized 4-digit Pincode remote system type 1

2. Optimized 2016 Qashqai key programming

3. Optimized Nissan 2013 Livina key programming procedure

Dongfeng Fengguang

1. Increased 560 IMMO system

2. Increased 560 smart key system


1. Optimized the menu

2. Optimized BCM IMMO Pincode reading

3. Optimized Astra H 2009 key programming

4. Increased ADAM 2013- IMMO system

5. Increased AMPERA 2012-2018 smart key system

6. Increased ASTRA K 2017-2019 IMMO system

7. Increased COMBO E 2018- IMMO system

8. Increased GrandLand X 2018- IMMO system and smart key system

9. Increased INSIGNIA B 2017-2019 smart key system

10. Increased KARL/VIVA 2016- IMMO system

11. Increased ZAFIRA-C 2012-2016 IMMO system

12. Increased AGILA ECM Pincode reading type: Y13DT/Z10XE/Z10XEP/Z12XEP/Z13DT

13. Increased ASTRA G ECM Pincode reading type: X16XEL/X18XE1/Y17DTL/Z12XE/Z14XEP/Z16SE/Z18XE/Z18XEL/Z20LET/Z22SE

14. Increased ASTRA H ECM Pincode reading type: Z16LET/Z16XE1/Z19DT/Z19DTH/Z19DTL/Z20LEH/Z20LEL

15. Increased CORSA C ECM Pincode reading type: Y13DT/Y17DT/Y17DTL/Z12XE/Z12XEP/Z14XE/Z16SE/Z16XE/Z18XE/Z18XEL

16. Increased MERIVA ECM Pincode reading type: Y17DT/Y17DTL/Z14XEP/Z16SE/Z16XE/Z18XE/Z18XEL

17. Increased TIGRA B ECM Pincode reading type: Y13DT/Z13DT/Z14XE/Z14XEP/Z18XE/Z18XEL

18. Increased VECTRA B ECM Pincode reading type:X16XEL/X18XE1/X20XEV/Z16SE/Z16XE/Z18XE/Z18XEL

19. Increased VECTRA C/SIGNUM ECM Pincode reading type: Z16XE/Z16XEP/Z19DT/Z19DTH/Z19DTL

20. Increased ZAFIRA ECM Pincode reading type:X18XE1/Z16SE/Z16XE/Z20LET/Z22SE

21. Increased ZAFIRA B ECM Pincode reading type: Z19DT/Z19DTH/Z19DTL



1. Increased FBS4(2014-) disable key

2. Increased C-series new C/205 tailgate control system

3. Increased German and updated multi-language

4. Optimized E series 212 tailgate control system time parameter and procedure


Optimized Luxgen 3 IMMO system type 2


Increased the German


Increased Quanjie Q1 remote system

FAW Hongqi

1. Increased H5 smart key system

2. Increased HS3 smart key system

3. Increased HS5 smart key system

4. Increased HS7 smart key system


Increased Vietnamese, Hebrew, German language


Increased German and updated multi-language


1. Increased German and updated multi-language

2. Optimized North America BRZ proximity 2013-2015


1. Optimized Audi A3 2011 IMMO data reading

2. Optimized the 4th  generation remote programming

3. Optimized 4th generation IMMO system remote programming

4. Optimized Lavida Pincode reading from engine

5. Optimized 2-3.5th generation 25 immobilizer key programming procedure

6. Optimized 2010 Jetta key programming

7. Optimized MQB key generating and key learning

8. Optimized MOTOROLA 9S12XHZ512 IMMO

9. Optimized Magotan 46 key programming

10. Optimized Skoda MQB dealer key generate

11. Increased the German language


Increased the German language


Increased Italian, Vietnamese, Hebrew and German


1. Increased Triton 2010-2016 smart key system

2. Increased German and updated multi-language

3. Optimized Eclipse Cross smart key system key programming

4. Optimized L200 TRITON_2017- key programming

5. Optimized Outlander 4WD IMMO system 2014- key programming procedure


Increased the German language

Fiat/Alfa Romeo

1. Increased the German language

2. Increased Alfa Romeo MITO menu

3. Increased Alfa Romeo Guilia/Stelvio smart key clear function

4. Optimized Alfa Romeo Guilia/Stelvio 2018 Pincode reading

5. Increased Fiat 500X 2014-2019 smart key and blade key programming


1. Increased FCA tips (all 2018- models)

2. Increased Jeep Renegade IMMO system 2015-2017

3. Increased German and updated multi-language

4. Optimized Jeep Grand-Cherokee toothless rotary key system 2008-2010.5 programming procedure

5. Optimized Jeep Renegade 2018-2019 smart key system key programming procedure


1. Optimized the system structure for part of models

2. Optimized 2018 Peugeot 5008 smart key all keys lost procedure

Cluster Calibration                                                                                                                         


1. Optimized BSI K0X, P0X, H0X cluster calibration

2. Optimized BSI N0X, Q0X cluster calibration

3. Shielded K0X type 2 menu


1. Optimized the Edge menu

2. Optimized the Kuga menu

3. Optimized Explorer 2011- communication

4. Optimized Transit Connect and Transit 2013 NEC 70F3425 time sequence

5. Increased Explorer 2011- data recovery

6. Increased Transit Custom 2018- type 2 cluster calibration


Optimized W221 chassis cluster calibration


1. Optimized Hyundai MB91F061BS cluster calibration procedure

2. Increased Hyundai Sonata 9 MB91F061BS(hybrid) cluster calibration type


1. Optimized Audi A6L 2013- procedure

2. Optimized Audi A6L 2009-2012 procedure

3. Combined Audi A4L 2008-2012 and 2013- menu to be 2008-

Oil Service Reset

New Increased:

1. Trumpchi,Lifan,China Toyota, China Fiat, Dongfeng Honda, GAC Honda, GAC Mitsubishi, Abarth auto reset

2. Increased Dongfeng Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan, China Toyota, China Ford manual reset

3. Increased Ford Messenger, Motorhome/Removable Chassis Van, E-series shuttle bus manual reset

4. Increased Chrysler Grand Caravan/300/Poplar, Dodge Ram/Dodge Nitro/Dodge Dakota manual reset

5. Increased Mercedes-Benz and Smart VIN code auto select

6. Increased Besturn X40 2018 white screen auto reset

7. Optimized BMW auto reset

8. Optimized the Porsche menu

9. Optimized 2018 Cayenne and Panamera oil service rest

10. Optimized Roewe EI6/ERX5/I6/RX3/RX5 oil service reset

11. Optimized 2018 Cadillac XT5 and 2017 Geely Borui oil service reset

Tablet Display Program Software

Increased the German language