SVCI ING Nissan Infiniti GTR Diagnostic Tool User Manual

SVCI ING is designed to be far more better than Nissan Consult 3 plus in: hardware, software compatibility, programming speed / stability, supported car year, update etc. But same as Consult 3 plus, it can perform diagnostic / module programming / immobilizer functions for OBD / GTR / Nissan / Datsun / Infiniti etc.

Look at SVCI ING:


Nice feature: built-in with GTR card, security card and support Bluetooth. Which will means lighter weight and easy to carry.

Comparison table of SVCI ING & Consult 3 plus:


Where to free download SVCI ING software?
SVCI ING software is named “BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic System”, you can browse the official site: then click on “Downloads” to find out ” BAOCHI_Cloud_Diagnostic_PC” to download, or you can click on
Only 62.0MB and take only several minutes to download.

Language: English, Chinese, Japanese

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


How to install BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic System?

Follow the prompts to click on “Next” & “Install” until complete.

svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnos-install-01 svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnos-install-02 svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnos-install-03 svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnos-install-04 svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnos-install-05 svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnos-install-06


BAOCHI software register,bind and unbind operation on windows platform.

1. First, install BAOCHI cloud diagnostic software on windows system
2. And then, insert Bluetooth Dongle into computer via USB port.
3. Supply power to SVCI ING. There are two ways.
1) Plug SVCI ING into vehicle’s OBD port and start the vehicle.
2) Plug SVCI ING into computer or the power supply via USB port.
4.Run BAOCHI software and register an account, as shown in the picture below
svci-ing-baochi-register-01 svci-ing-baochi-register-02

Bind SVCI ING in BAOCHI software on windows platform
After the first successful registration and login, the BAOCHI cloud diagnostic system will prompt you to bind the
device, select the device to bind according to the prompt, and then bind it according to the equipment
bluetooth id (device serial number), as shown in the figure below.
svci-ing-baochi-register-03 svci-ing-baochi-register-04 svci-ing-baochi-register-05

Unbind SVCI ING from BAOCHI software on windows platform
Log in to baochi cloud diagnostic software, select “system Settings” in the left menu bar, then select “unbind
device” and click “confirm to unbind”.

Nissan / Infiniti / GTR / Datsun / Renault diagnostic, key programming, module reprogramming:

Youtube first:

Then words and images:

Firstly, please follow the image to connect SVCI ING to the computer and the car, then install BAOCHI Cloud diagnostic software with any or one computer or one Android phone.


SVCI ING’s software is BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic, please look at its menu, it contains: Recently Access, diagnostic, Special functions, System settings.


System settings menu:

Language settings, account, system update, firmware update, sign out, common settings, unbind device, clear cache, about etc.


Special functions menu:

Immobilizer, re/programming, configuration


Click on “Diagnostic”, then “OBD”, then “Auto Detect”.


Have functions menu: DTC, clear/reset memory, current data, freeze data.


Enter” DTC” and have “Stored DTC” and “Pending DTC”.


Enter ” Pending DTC”.


Back to select “Current data”.

svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnostic-menu-09 svci-ing-baochi-cloud-diagnostic-menu-10

Graph display.


SVCI ING Questions and Answers:

Question: Do I need consult plus 3 installed or does this have a different platform . I am sure I want this just need to know how it works and what IOS I need to install it on?


No you don’t need consult plus 3 installed, it comes with CD software (it use cloud computing to provide cloud diagnosis), It is compatible with both computer and Android phone. For one computer, it works with Win7 /8/10 operation system.

For mobile phone, android is certain now, others are under developing.

Please read the comparison table of BAOCHI Cloud diagnostic software and traditional cloud software.


To be upgrading…