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I love the user interface of Autel Maxipro MP808 . There is promise in the database functionalities, such as maintaining service records for your vehicles.I haven’t owned it very long and I have already serviced the brakes on three vehicles. I have also done some diagnostics on a horrible Dodge 2.7L V6 engine (the worst ever!). This unit has allowed me to get my F350 to pass emissions by pinpointing problems in my O2 sensors. All in all i look forward to using this tool.The only major downside to the product is a steep annual renewal fee. The upside is you don’t need it to run any of the programs per se, but if they come out with any software fixes than you are out of luck. For the DIY mechanic, i recommend forgoing the subscription until you need it. If you run a shop, than obviously the update is just part of your operating costs.

MaxiPRO MP808 Very impressive professional product and worth every penny. I’m not a “heavy user,” but finding and preventing a single major failure will save enough to pay for itself. Multiple functionalities save time and prevent buying multiple testers, readers, and analyzers. I’ll definitely get a lot of use and will update over time, but need to get back into the shop.

This new DS808 works great!! I own my own mobile reflash business and this scan tool has helped me out tremendously especially with the security key programming. All of the other features it claims to do it does and more. I have had the ability to try this scan tool out on several vehicles and I had no problems accessing any of the modules or any of the tests. I also like that you can remove any of the car makes you don’t work on. Keep it up Autel. I would definitely like to see the security functions continue to grow as well.

Very nice, user friendy, a lot of functions. Must have for car mechanics. I paricularly happy that it also have cistomer database option and teamviewer options. Usefull to connect to computer and use keyboard for customer info entering.

Highly capable scan tool, at an affordable price. I’ve been with GM for 25 years, & have used the tech 2 exclusively.
Now, I’m in an aftermarket shop, & needed a decent scan tool. Autel MP808 fit the bill nicely. I love that it’s slender & takes up very little space.
Can easily fit in a medium size purse, so you don’t have to lug the case around, when making house calls.
All the information you need, at the touch of the screen. This is one serious scan tool.

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