Lonsdor K518 extend free updates to 12 months

Good news for sharing, Lonsdor launch welfare:

  1. For the users who bought & registered K518 before 01-01-2020:

All K518 subscription (Update) price save 20% off based on the original price,

– Lonsdor K518ISE One Year Update Subscription (20% off)

– Lonsdor K518S Full Version One Year Update Subscription (20% off)

  1. For all new customers(Extend free updates to 12 months)

Lonsdor extend free updates to 12 months for all new customers who registered the machine since January 1st, 2020.


Why Lonsdor launch such welfare during COVID-19?

Please look at this image that will pop up in the Lonsdor machine


Good News for Lonsdor User:

Our hearts go out to the individuals and communities that have been affected by the COVID-19 coronarirus.A lot of countries lockdown and people lost their jobs and income.

As a leading manufacturer and solution provider in IMMO field in Asia, Lonsdor is always committed to help global auto locksmiths to work easier and faster, as well as earn more.

Considering current hard time, Lonsdor sincerely brings welfare to all K518 users to overcome this global challenge together.


After last update I’ve got message on the screen about “Great Lonsdor welfare”, but when I clicked it it’s just waiting, going nowhere…


You can provide uobdii.com with your machine serial number to make sure if your machine will enjoy this welfare.

Please be noted: not all machine can get this welfare, only the Lonsdor K518S / K518ISE machine which are registered since 2020.1.1.

Lonsdor K518ISE /K518S tech support: www.uobdii.com