Launch CReader 419 DIY scanner $30 – has the sole agency has the sole agency for Launch CReader 419 OBDII / EOBD code scanner and sale at a lowest price $29.99 incl. shipping to worldwide.


CReader 419 is very suitable for DIY users who have demands to read / clear DTCs, read data streams, etc,). It weights as light as <200g (0.44lb) and designed small for your hand (Dimension: 4.7″ *3.0″ *0.8″),but it runs fast and smart. It is very easy to use, its plug and use instead of plugging into a computer to wait to turn on, it has clear screen (2.4″ TFT 320*240 dpi) to display diagnostic results.

creader 419

CReader 419 Prons:

Solid shell and wrestling made by Launch

Update on Launch official site

English, Spanish,French, German is optional to reset ( more 3 languages will be available in the comming days)


CReader 419 Test Reports (confirmed):

  • Read DTCs …Confirmed
  • Clear DTCs …Confirmed
  • Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) …Confirmed
  • Read dynamic data streams …Confirmed
  • Read readiness status …Confirmed
  • Read freeze frame data …Confirmed
  • Read pending DTCs …Confirmed
  • Read permanent DTCs …Confirmed
  • Read vehicle information …Confirmed

.Color and graphical display of data streams …confirmed

.Query DTCs …confirmed


The operating pictures speak louder than words, I will upload later.


To sum up:

Launch CReader 419 is highly recommended, especially if you are go for a cheap working handheld scanner for DIY user.