Lauch iCarScan VCI better than Launch X431 iDiag?

Definitely yes! Original Launch iCarScan VCI has replaced Lauch X431 idiag succssfully with more powerful function and lots of good feedback from users.


Why i say Launch iCarScan is more powerful?

Read the comparison table of “Lauch iCarScan VCI vs. Launch X431 iDiag”, and get the answer by yourself.

Product Launch iCarScan VCI Launch X431 iDiag
Image  Launch-iCarScan-VCI  Launch-X431-iDiag
Price $210 $69 (off the shelf)
Language English/ French/ Russian/ Japanese/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Chinese English/ French/ Russian/ Japanese/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Chinese
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Operating system Android smart phone / tablet

(iOS is not available)

several configurations, for Android, IOS, Mini pad, Samsung N8000 /N8010

( ISO available: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 5.0 or above)

Update Update online (one year free update) Update online (one year free update)
Software 5 brands software for FREE, 66USD per brand if you need to add more

(more that 70 brands sw download from APP)

$699 for 42 Asian car software

$799 for 31 European and USA car software

(73 brands avalable at the official site)

Diagnosis Read/ clear trouble codes;

Read live data stream;

actuation test;


Read/ clear trouble codes;

Read live data stream;

actuation test;


Coding & Programming Yes. Lauch icarscan supports ECU coding and programming. No.
Special function oil reset, car key memory, service function, other special function, etc. social circle My space function, special functions.
Vehicle Coverage Worldwide and many local vehicles, such as India, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia and so on. USA and European car mainly:
Compatible printer No Allows you to print diagnostic fault data out if your Android can connect with a normal printer
Conclusion 1. Icarscan VCI is the update version of Launch iDiag
2. Launch iCarSoft VCI adds more local vehicle model, such as Japan, India, Russia etc
3. User are allowed to free download 5 demo software for Launch iCarScan, but iDiag auto scanner requires to buy software per brand.
4. Launch iCarScan improved some features that iDiag does not support, such as oil reset, ECU coding, car key memory etc.



How do users think of Launch iCarScan?

  1. It works fine with my BMW E60 and E66. You can do almost everything with these cars…
    One good thing is that you don’t need to download all 5 brands while starting to use this software. But still the support is bit lame.
    After all it feels that this is really worth of money.
    I also test this with VW since they couldn’t reset Webasto heater in “his” indy shop, I downloaded VW few days ago and tested it with 2007 Transporter.
    It worked fine with my phone, however it did not recognize the VIN of the car and i had to feed it manually.
    After that all Ecu’s were recognized and I was able to unlock Aux Heater which were locked by some errors. Also some errors found ant those could be diagnosed as well reset.
    Very good thing with VW is that there are quite good explanations about the errors as well how to get rid of these.
    Tablet failed connect to car with error message about the connection.
  2. icarscan is for Android only. no iOS version available. 

I have downloaded only 2 of those 5 and will download the rest three one by one at once there is a need for new brand.
I don’t know if the update support of the later installed software will be year but this does not really matter.
However I believe that I need to download all brands before one year from first subscription.



More review will be updated here.