2017 Toyota Sienna health report with Thinkdiag OBD2 code reader

Car model: 2017 Toyota Sienna


Do some health report and clear the fault codes, read data stream.

Toyota diagnostic scanner:  Thinkdiag Bluetooth OBD2 code scanner




Plug Thinkdiag scanner into the 16pin port of 2017 Toyota.

You should see the green light and hear the beep and you know it’s connected.



Connect the vehicle with Thinkdiag.

You have two different options:

  1. First way would be to go into your Think store.

You can select the Toyota software here, if you don’t have it downloaded you would select “Download”; if you do have it downloaded you would just select the software.

Connecting the Bluetooth.

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-03 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-04 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-05


  1. Or we can select all systems full functions which would automatically scan the vehicle for you.

We have make ,year, model and VIN (2017 Toyota Sienna ), click on “Next Step”.

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-06 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-07


Select “16PIN DLC (Europe and Other)”.

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-08 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-09 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-10 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-11 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-12 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-13


Enter “Health Report”.

This will scan the Toyota Sienna all modules and tell you how it healthy or not.

If you see the module that you want to test before the scan is finished, you can press the “pause” function, that will stop the scan and give you the information.

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-14 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-15


Thinkdiag will show you fault codes, we can clear them by selecting “Clear DTCs”.

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-16 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-17 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-18


Select the ECU system.

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-19 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-20

Select “Read Data Stream”.



Select which module you want to read the data stream or we can select all.

And we have 27 pages of data there. You could press “Combine”, select the options you want to graph. A nice feature with Launch Thinkdiag tool like pinch and zoom anything like that, so you can change the scaling thereby pinching it this way and then bring it on the screen, can you scroll it that’s actually great..

launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-22 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-23 launch-thinkdiag-2017-toyota-sienna-health-report-24


Go back to read the fault codes.