How to Download and Bind OBDSTAR APP?

Great news!!! OBDSTAR blockbuster launches the maintenance technicians’ portable database- “OBDSTAR” APP in April. The APP can be downloaded free on Android smartphones now, and iOS version will be launched at the end of June. Currently, it only can be bound with OBDSTAR motorcycle/ maritime devices incl. MS50, MD80, MS80, MD75, MS70iScan DUCATI/BENELLI/URAL/HONDA/KAWASAKI/YAMAHAD800 Configuration AD800 Configuration B, etc. But X300 DP and X300 DP Plus are not supported (will be available at the end of the month).

How to download OBDSTAR APP?

Way 1: Scan the QR code in the above image to download APP directly

Way 2: Visit

After downloading, register and log in with your phone number and user name.

How to bind OBDSTAR APP and compatible devices?

Supply power to OBDSTAR tablet and turn on

Swipe down from the top of the screen

Tap wifi to connect with an available wifi

Select Settings>> VCI Info

The device info (SN, firmware version, hardware version, software version, and device QR code) will appear on the screen

Run OBDSTAR APP, tap “Me” at the bottom right, and then tap “MY DEVICE” at the top right

Tap “Device Binding” and use the phone to scan the device QR code on OBDSTAR tablet

After binding is successful, the device details appear on the APP screen

The product name and serial number on APP are the same as the device.

And you can get the related member benefits. Premium members can enjoy parameters, interactive wiring, and tech bulletin functions.

Confirm the info, and you can see the related binding device info. and valid date

OBDSTAR APP brief introduction:


OBDSTAR APP is a portable database, especially make for maintenance technicians. It can take easier, more efficient, and more professional service to customers. The APP combines Locksmith IMMO & Maintenance, Car Electronics Maintenance and Repair, Motorcycle maintenance and repair, Marine maintenance and repair, and Customer service in one. It’s a powerful and practical service platform for maintenance technicians to solve their problems.

What is inside OBDSTAR APP?

1.Personal page style

Register as a member with one click, and add your obdstar device to unlock more advanced functions.

2.Comprehensive maintenance database

Incl. Car /Motorcycle/Marine maintenance and repair


  • Pincode
  • Manual Remote


  • DLC
  • Manual service lamp reset
  • Interactive wiring diagram
  • Manual remote


  • DLC
  • Flash code
  • Manual remote
  • Parameters
  • Interactive wiring diagram
  • Manual service lamp reset
  • Tech bulletin

6.Customer service

Help Center

Contact CS (customer service)


Detailed function display:

Interactive wiring diagram

-Contains various information at a glance pinpoint the point of failure

DLC and Parameters

Tech bulletin and Flash code

Manual remote

Radio code

Radio PIN Code function supported brands:


More brands are under developing…

OBDSTAR APP and Member Benefits Introduction:

I. APP membership benefits are described as follows.

The membership level has ordinary members, junior members, and premium members (divided into motorcycle and marine two kinds).

  1. Ordinary Member

Register to become an ordinary member.

  1. Junior Member

Bind the following products to become a junior member (motorcycle)

Bind the following products to become a junior member (Radio PIN Code function)

  1. Premium Membership

Bind the following products to become a premium member (motorcycle)

Bind the following product to become a premium membership (Marine)

II. Membership validity period

The validity period is synchronized with the upgrade date of the corresponding product. When the upgrade period of the corresponding product device expires, the rights and benefits of the corresponding module in the APP will be suspended and the product upgrade renewal is required to continue to use it.

III. Differences in membership rights and benefits

  1. Motorcycle/E-MOTO membership

  1. Marine membership