Audi S5 2013 ECU Diagnosing by OBDSTAR X100 Pro

Here is one of example of the use of OBDSTAR hand-held device X100 PRO on 2013 AUDI S5.


Tool used:

OBDSTAR X100 pro


Procedure of X100 PRO diagnosis on audi s5:

Connect X100 to S5

Start the engine

Select the menu:


x100-pro-audi-s5 (1) x100-pro-audi-s5 (2)


Loading mcu.bin…



Reading data…

Select AUTO SCAN->Read Codes->Stored Codes

x100-pro-audi-s5 (3) x100-pro-audi-s5 (4) x100-pro-audi-s5 (5)

No codes are stored in the module.

x100-pro-audi-s5 (6)

Back to the diagnostic menu, go to Live Data

Number of DTCs

Engine coolant

x100-pro-audi-s5 (7)

Long term fuel trim

Intake manifold absolute pressure

Engine RPM

Vehicle speed sensor

x100-pro-audi-s5 (8)

Ignition timing advance for #1 cylinder

Intake air temperature

Absolute throttle position

Commanded secondary air status

x100-pro-audi-s5 (9)

Oxygen sensor input voltage b1s2

Short term fuel trim b1s2

Oxygen sensor output voltage b2s2

Short term fuel trim b2s2

OBD requirement to which vehicle or engine is certified

x100-pro-audi-s5 (10)

Time since engine start

Distance traveled while MIL is activated

Fuel rail pressure

Commanded evaporative purge

Number of warm-ups since DTCs cleared

x100-pro-audi-s5 (11)

Distance traveled since DTCs cleared

Barometric pressure

Equivalence ratio (b1-s1)

Oxygen sensor current (b1-s1)

Equivalence ratio (b2-s1)

Oxygen sensor current (b2-s1)

x100-pro-audi-s5 (12)

Catalyst temperature bank 1, sensor 1

Catalyst temperature bank 2, sensor 1

Control module voltage

Absolute load value

Fuel/ air commanded

Equivalence ratio

x100-pro-audi-s5 (13)

Ambient air temperature

Absolute throttle position b

Absolute throttle position c

Absolute throttle position d

x100-pro-audi-s5 (14)

Absolute throttle position ex100-pro-audi-s5 (15)