OBDSTAR H100 Ford Mazda key programmer- upgrade version of F100

OBDSTAR H100 Ford Mazda key programmer, the upgrade version of OBDSTAR F100, can work on newest Ford Mazda up to 2017/2018 year i.e FORD Pincode Free Matching  for New Mondeo/Edge/Taurus/Mustang/F150 2015- Models: Edge 2016+, F150 2015, Galaxy 2015+, Mondeo 2015+, Mustang 2015+ and Ranger 2016+, etc.

Attach OBDSTAR H100 full package, which include OBDSTAR H100 main unit with display screen, OBD main cable, user manual and TF card reader. The full package only weights 0.22LB.


OBDSTAR H100 Vehicle coverage:

OBDSTAR H100 Ford Immo function list

OBDSTAR H100 Mazda Immo function list

OBDSTAR H100 Landrover Immo function list

OBDSTAR H100 Jaguar Immo function list

OBDSTAR H100 Ford mileage function list

OBDSTAR H100 Jaguar mileage function list

As you can see, OBDSTAR H100 can perform immo function (key programming and pin code reading) as well as mileage correction.


OBDSTAR H100 update:

on http://en.obdstar.com/


OBDSTAR H100 Warranty: one year warranty


OBDSTAR H100 language: English so far


OBDSTAR H100 Price:

Higher than OBDSTAR F100, about $200 in total.