CG FC-200 Tutorials: Read and Write VW Tiguan (AD/BW) DQ250 TC1766 Transmission

CG FC-200 ECU programmer Tutorials: Read the DFlash / EXT Dflash and PFlash data from the original transmission (VAG_TEMIC_DQ250-MQB TC1766) and write into the new one without any issue. The AC/DC adapter is required to supply power.

1. Read original DFlash, EXT Dflash and PFlash data

Connect CG FC200 to the original Tiguan transmission according to the wiring diagram in the software

Then connect to computer via the USB cable

Also supply power to CG FC200 programmer

Run CG FC200 software

Select Volkswagen (VW)

Quick search dq250 in the search box at the top right corner

Select the ECU “VAG_TEMIC_DQ250-MQB TC1766”

Enter Platform interface

Identify the ECU is TC1766 successfully

Then read DFlash, EXT Dflash and PFlash data in sequence

Save the files after reading

2. Write original files into new transmission

Disconnect CG FC200 and the original transmission, then connect to the new one

Then select the corresponding write option in the software to write DFlash, EXT Dflash and PFlash data successively

Write all original files into the new transmission successfully

CG FC-200

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